Welcome to a new America.

Trump is a man of words and not much action. Yes, he did some things that were good, but for all his bluster during the election he barely scratched the surface of what he said he would do. His work in the Middle East will be remembered possibly for generations, but his failure to save his own country from the communist takeover makes him one of the worst presidents in history.

Mike Pence is a feminized christian. You know the ones. They go to church, they talk the talk and there is little doubt they are christians, but the mere mention of necessary violence makes them vomit. “Manly” things are evil things. Chivalry is the meal of the day and those who are not chivalrous are offensive. Pence showed this yesterday.

The GOP is a joke. The senators who said they would contest the results of the election crumbled like castles in the sand. There is no effort to conserve anything, only to continue stealing from citizens while appearing to be fighting for their best interest.

A lot is going on for myself, now. I have to get out of CA as soon as I can and find my way to a free state, because come Jan 20th, the new regime takes charge, and they have full control of everything. You will not be able to trust your representatives, you will only be able to trust the people you surround yourself with, so you’d best surround yourself with strong people, willing to stand for freedom, because enslavement is going to come knocking.

Who knows, maybe this is just another liberal four years and nothing of significance will happen, but to me this seems far too different. The world is no longer separated by oceans or borders, and the desires of tyrants and madmen no longer stop at the edge of their own continents. We are primed for a one world order, and it certainly seems like its agents have just taken the presidency.

There is a quote someone I follow on YouTube used to use at the end of every video:

A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools

Trump was no warrior, and hardly a scholar. He didn’t lead the people to the capitol so that their voices could finally be heard, he allowed citizens to die and then told everyone to go home. I would never support him again, so lets hope he doesn’t think about a 2024 run, not that it would make any difference, the liberals will make sure they cement their power so that the next “election” will be so in name only.

Until further notice I am not going to be posting. Not that a ton of people follow my blog, but I am going to need to concentrate on breaking down the house, fixing my truck and finding a new place to live by years end. Maybe sooner depending on what laws get passed within the first hundred days of our new overlords reign. Any prayer would be much appreciated.