Gab has launched a new platform, “Dissenter”, that allows uncensored commenting ON ANY WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET. The comments are not technically on the actual web site you are viewing, but are on the Dissenter platform and, thus, cannot be removed or censored by the web sites owners. A free extension for web browsers enables you to see Dissenter comments in real time on whatever page you are viewing!

View the Breitbart article on the platform here (

This is huge! No longer can web site owners tyrannically destroy dissenting opinion or comments on their posts, articles or opinion! Over the years we have seen the leftist, SJW agenda systematically destroy any opinion or comment on their websites they don’t like, turning comments sections into left wing echo chambers and killing the voice of those who don’t agree. Eventually this leads to entire comments sections being shut down and the voices of ALL people drowned out.

This is awesome tech, provided those at Gab themselves don’t become arbiters of what is said and what is heard. In the end, there will always be someone held as the gatekeeper of free speech on the internet. For now, at least, the gate seems to have been thrown wide open, but for how long?

Join Dissenter by visiting their web site and signing up.