A few weeks ago I saw a short clip from an anime show and it looked pretty humorous, and kind of cute, so I decided to find the show and give it a watch. The show? Interviews with Monster Girls.

The world of Interviews is very much like ours with one exception: Sometimes people are born as “demi-humans”, or “demi’s”. As of this first season there are four demi types that are known to exist: Vampire, Snow Girl, Dulluhan and Succubus. Now these are not supernatural creatures in nature, but it is explained that these are, somehow, genetic mutations that have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and in the past have been mistaken for the supernatural. As time and humanity progressed, however, humans began to understand demi’s a bit more and eventually they were accepted into society, though as an obvious different social class. In this world there is a special government welfare program for demi’s, and even a demi specific police task force.

Now this show is not at all serious or dramatic. It is, in fact, very funny and more than a little endearing.

Tetsuo Takahashi is a biology teacher at a high school who has chosen demi’s as the subject of an upcoming paper he must submit. Unfortunately, at the start of the show, he’s never met any and so he’s not quite sure how he is going to achieve his goal. Enter one Hikari Takanashi, a mischievous student who just happens to be a vampire. Through a waterfall of odd events Takahashi finds that his school suddenly has FOUR demi’s present, including a dulluhan girl named Kyouko Machi, a snow girl named Yuki Kusakabe and a succubus teacher name Saki Satou. Determined to write his paper he befriends the girls, along with the teacher, and begins to ask them questions about their “demi nature”.

The show is a mix of Japanese humor, hallmark channel moments and a little bit of sexy humor that blends together well. The girls are all of high school age and they very much each have a crush on Takahashi. Obviously each have their own little quirks and problems:

Interviews with Monster Girls 1 - Kodansha ComicsHikari, the vampire girl, is very energetic and care-free, constantly acting foolishly and wanting to have fun more than studying. She gets the urge to drink blood, but blood is provided by the government. She does get the urge to bite people though, which she satisfies by biting on her non-vampire sisters arm.

Kyouko, the dullahan, well….her head is detached from her body, and in its place is a ghostly flame that apparently grows when she gets nervous or excited. Naturally this makes for some difficulties when attending high school, and its very odd watching her carry herself around on screen, but she’s a sweet girl and very smart.

Yuki has very cold skin, her tears and sweat freeze instantly (most of the time) and when she gets depressed or frustrated the air around her cools down to a frost. She’s afraid of what she is capable of due to all the old stories of snow women, but in the end she accepts who she is.

JOTAKU.de - Interviews with Monster Girls: OVA bei Crunchyroll verfügbar!

The clip that I found online involved the succubus teacher, Saki. As you may know succubus are sex demons who haunt men in their sleep, seduce them and then kill them. Well in this world succubus aren’t so violent, but they do have a problem with a natural aphrodisiac affect they have on men. Their touch can cause men to have naughty thoughts, and even acting in any way sexual toward a man can cause problems. When they sleep they cause the men nearby to have erotic dreams. Poor Saki just wants to be a normal teacher (and a normal person) so she dresses down as much as she can, avoids contact with men and sleeps in a cabin outside of town, out of range of anyone! One day she accidentally comes into contact with Takahashi when he grabs her hand to help her pick up some papers she had dropped and, to her surprise, he seems unaffected by her succubus powers. This actually excites her because she has dreamed of falling in love and getting married, but is afraid her powers means she could never really find love. After helping her up, however, Takahashi walks off, turns the corner of the hallway and….nearly has a heart attack! Her powers DID have an affect on him, he just didn’t allow himself to show her that they had an affect!

This is your basic “the girls at school have a crush on one teacher” show but the added twist of demi-girls makes it fun and weird, though its only the small group that has a crush on Takahashi, so its not like he’s some kind of hunky heartthrob in the school. He is a bit bigger and stronger than the other teachers (kind of weird for a biology teacher) and he’s shown as bigger than most of the male students. This is important because the girls certainly notice his stronger physique in a few different instances. Takahashi, however, isn’t some kind of creeper. He genuinely seems to care for the girls and doesn’t seem to have any kind of romantic interest in them, only in the older teacher, Saki. In fact it seems that he often forgets that the “girls” are actually young ladies, which leads to some funny incidents. His interactions with Saki are very funny, I think more for men because we can get where poor Takahashi is coming from. What guy, when faced with a slinky, sexy, beautiful woman, hasn’t done his best to keep his cool and make it appear as though he were unaffected? Add to it that there’s a known chemical lure there and, well, its funny cause its true.

Thus far there hasn’t been anything offensive in the show. The girls and Saki stay covered, but there is definitely blatant sexuality in spades. Takahashi questions Hikari about whether or not her thirst for blood has anything to do with eroticism, and despite her denial, it kind of does. Kyouko definitely has the hots for him and she uses her condition to sneak in a date. Saki finds Takahashi’s being unaffected by her aphrodisiac affect to be appealing and of interest (little red pill nugget stuck in there) and hopes she has found someone who will love her for her and not just her “erotic powers”. Of course, it helps that Takahashi is a good looking guy.

Overall I would recommend watching Interviews with Monster Girls. Its kind of weird how guys like myself avoid “chick flicks” like the plague but shows like this are not just tolerable, but enjoyed. I think it has to do with presentation. Here we don’t find the annoying career woman with the grrrrl-power moxie attitude who doesn’t need a man but happens to find one that fits her world. Instead we find women and girls who are wholesome, cute, fun and who fall under the spell of infatuation with a man they find attractive. It still has the girl drama, the tears, the confessions of love and friendship that might make the Hallmark channel jealous, but the way its delivered is not offensive or grating. Interesting.

I recommend you give it a watch if you are in to such things or you just want a good laugh with your wife/girlfriend.