Frustrated with his day at work, a man closes his eyes, sighs a big sigh, and takes a moment to gather his composure.

In that moment thoughts of his wife pop into his head.

Do they bring joy, or further frustration?

To one man they bring memories of sexy romps in bed, holding each other close, walks down the beach, time spent playing goofy games on the Nintendo, times spent laughing over a meal at a local restaurant. They bring feelings of joy and relief, and this man is refreshed. With a deep breath he is ready to continue taking on the day.

To another man they bring memories of arguments, broken promises, rebellion, backtalking, refusal to participate in things he enjoys while insisting he participate in things he does not and constant criticism. They bring feelings of further frustration and anger, and this man is sent further into despair. With another deep sigh he wishes his day was not only over, but that it had never begun.

Ladies, you are the ones who foster these memories and thoughts in your husbands head. Your obedience and submission, as well as your disobedience and rebellion, form what your husband remembers when he thinks of you. What memories and feelings do YOU want to leave your husband with?