So the current Sonja models I use for my renders use the (very) old but reliable Victoria 4 model from DAZ3D. She has been around for quite a while, but has her issues with bending in the joints and all that. However, there is so much content out there for her that she is still very viable as an asset, and people are STILL making content for her! Right now DAZ3D is on the Genesis 3 platform, but I have only just started looking at the old Genesis 2 platform. As a result I have recreated Sonja from a Genesis 2 Female instance, and am pretty happy with the results:



On another note I have been thinking of trying to reconstruct my namesake, Snapper. For those of you not ‘in the know’, both Snapper and Sonja come from my paper based RPG ‘Destructive Tendencies’. Snapper is a cybernetic mutant alligator demi-god (yeah, you read that right). As I start learning WordPress a little better I may start to add more information on DT. I would very much like to recreated Snapper, but I am struggling with building models right now. I just don’t feel the motivation to get anything done with any haste. We’ll see.