Little Things Matter.

A lot of Christians will tell you that “the little things matter” when it comes to worshiping, praising or giving thanks to God. Many pray before each meal, to give the Lord thanks for His provisions. They say little prayers when they hear about someone in trouble, and make sure to give “glory to God” when they hear about the Lord answering a prayer.  When it comes to obedience we try to avoid “worldly” things like watching movies with excessive sex or violence. We listen to Christian music or, a most, music that is non-offensive, avoiding cursing or sexual innuendos. These “little things” matter.

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More Cuphead

A little more video from my son and I playing Cuphead. I cannot stress enough how difficult the game is when you consider everything that happens on the screen at once. Overall the game is not really DIFFICULT compared to other games of its type, there’s just so much happening at once that it is very easy to get distracted! Enjoy! (BTW: I’m the red ‘Cuphead’ that keeps dying while my son is the blue ‘Mugman’. Younger eyes and fingers are a boon in this game!)

Conflict of Interest…

Why is it that Christians say they know that Gods word and the world conflict, yet they are remiss to do what Gods word says? Instead they follow the worlds word and then can’t figure out why things aren’t working out! A perfect example is a woman’s place in Gods plan for life. Millions of women are suffering from mental disorders that get classified as ‘depression’, and I have no doubt that many do suffer clinical depression from chemical imbalances and such, but how many simply suffer ‘depression’ because they are suffering due to fighting against Gods will?

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Daily Goals?

Ladies, when you wake up in the morning what is your “daily goal”? Do you aspire to hit the gym harder than yesterday? Get the house cleaned? Get the kids ready and off to school? Where does your husband end up in all of this? Is he the LAST thing on your mind? The last one to get your attention?

Woman was made by God for man as a helper. Are you helping your husband daily or does he get the left overs of whatever is left of your time, your day and your energy? If your goal every day is to serve God your goal would best be reached serving your husband. It is, after all, what you were created for, to help him. That may sound sexist or misogynistic or overly simplified, but if your a Christian woman you need only look at the bible for the truth:

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Cuphead: Real Review

Back in the day my friend and I used to play a little game named Contra on the SNES. You may have heard of it before. It is probably one of the most well known of the ‘run-n-gun’ style games in which you (and occasionally a second player) move across a map, machine guns blazing, while taking out a constant stream of bad guys. Super C, the iteration of Contra on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System upped the ante with bigger explosions, large bosses and new play mechanics (double guns).

That was many, many years ago.

Enter Cuphead, a unique run-n-gun style game along the same lines as Contra, but with the unique distinction of completely hand drawn animation that reflects the style of old cartoons. Not just any cartoons, but Fleisher cartoons, which you may have heard of if your my age (42) and have every seen old Betty Boop or Superman cartoons, amongst others. The thing is the game really, REALLY does an absolutely fantastic job of emulating the original cartoon style, right down to the odd black, scratchy screen between scenes. For someone of my age it seriously takes me back to being five or six years old, sitting in my grandma’s TV room (yeah, old people used to have a specific room for TV watching), after church on Sunday, tuned in to KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles watching Colonel Tom Parker host Fleisher cartoons.

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So Long, Tom.

As I sit and listen to Tom Petty songs I realize just how many I am familiar with and how many are great. I would never have said I was a huge Tom Petty fan. I don’t know much about the man, and I would be hard pressed to name a song for every finger on both hands, but as I listen I start to recognize songs I have been hearing for decades and I find many of them take me back. Back to riding the bus to school, back to good times with friends, back to little things that don’t make a difference in my life but are oddly cemented memories. Isn’t that part of the power of music, though? To take us back to points both important and mundane? Something about the melody, the voice, the guitar, the beat: Something about that moment in that song that locked something in.

To me, Tom Petty, though I wasn’t super familiar with him as a man, was a great musician. One of a slowly fading line of great musicians. One of the last great rockers and crooners of a time that has passed, but who’s music will live on for generations because it touches something base. A longing, an expectation, an excitement, a sadness.

Rest in Peace, Tom.


As an aside note, when I was younger and watching music television I came across a great song by a band called “The Travelling Wilburys” called “End of the Line”. I didn’t know it at the time, but this super group was comprised of some of the giants of music: Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, George Harrison of the Beatles and Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. The song seems appropriate for Petty’s passing, so I will post it here.


EDIT: After listening I found another Wilburys song that was familiar. This one includes Roy Orbison, who unfortunately passed away between their first and second album. Its another great tune and also seems appropriate for the day:

Cuphead: First impressions

Recently I have been keeping tabs on the game ‘Cuphead’. A run-n-gun style shooter, it stands out from other games in the genre by being comprised entirely of hand drawn, cartoony animation in the style of Max Fleisher. Being a bit of a fan of old Fleisher cartoons and such great games as Contra and others, I decided I was going to pick it up as soon as I could (got to use those Bing points for something). If you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer:


The game follows our protagonist, Cuphead, and his brother, Mugman who apparently enjoy gambling a bit too much. Whilst rolling at the craps table, Satan himself walks in and challenges the boys to a single toss. A win means they get then entire casinos wealth, while a lose means they give up their soul. As expected they lose and upon preparing to lose their souls they strike a deal with the devil (literally). The two will keep their souls if they can gather the souls of the others on Satans collections list. Gather the all by the next day and they are free to go. Fail and, well, you know….

This turns our two boys into bounty-hunters for the damned as they traverse interesting locales in search of coins for purchasing upgrades and fight boss battles to reap the souls of those who owe.

Ill likely do a better review at weeks end, but at first blush the game is a great run-n-gun that is not overly complicated but can be devilishly tricky at times. Having not played any games in the genre for some time I found myself losing track of Cuphead while looking at the rest of the screen, which is beautifully animated with great backgrounds and weird bad guys.

Check back later for a more detailed impression!