Embracing the “Adult Film Star” Mindset. (semi-NSFW)

What is so offensive about sex to Christians? I mean, they obviously have it, seeing as how they have children. God blessed us with the act and tasked us with partaking in it to “be fruitful and multiply”. The act creates marriage between a man and a woman, and men are told to let their wives bodies satisfy them at all times.

In the bible, Song of Solomon goes a step further and gets into some gritty details about how to enjoy your spouses bodies! I’ve read before that younger men weren’t even allowed to look into the book until they reached a proper age it was considered so graphic! Even by todays standards its not exactly bible study discussion material!

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The Only Women’s Day Post you Need

So many posts today on Facebook about “International Women’s Day” its sickening. As though women forcibly prevented themselves from becoming male in the womb! Everyone from tech companies like Microsoft to Christian musicians, even my beloved Final Fantasy 14, are celebrating women because….well, because!

Not to be a party pooper, however, I am going to make my OWN women’s day post, celebrating woman’s REAL contribution to humanity! A contribution that has been since the beginning of time:


The beauty of shapely, feminine women have caused nations to go to war, and caused nations to STOP war. It has inspired men in the arts and sciences, driving them to invent new technologies and push man past boundaries he previously though unbreakable! Yes, for thousands upon thousands of years men have pushed humanity forward because:


So join me in my celebration! Check out my shared folder of Anime Cuties, and enjoy one of humankinds greatest motivators! The shape of a woman!

Snapper’s Anime Cuties (NSFW)

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

NOTE: I wrote this closer to the beginning of the year but have been sitting on it for a while, uncertain as to whether or not I wanted to publish it. It is subject to further change.

Ladies, how would you like to make this year an awesome year for your husband? Not only that, but how would you like to make it an awesome year for yourself by embedding yourself deep into your husbands brain in a good way, not in a Slaverian brain slug kind of way (inside joke there, sorry). In the past I have recommended that you Get Mandy-cized, if not in body then in attitude! I also recommend pursuing your husband like a love struck vampire, because he will love it and love you for it!


With the beginning of the new year let me make another suggestion on how you can not only get your husband revved up, but get yourself revved up and make him treat you like a high school girlfriend:

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God and The Gay Agenda

I don’t typically write about biblical topics outside of headship but a post on another blog page the other day got me thinking more about gays in the church and how the situation is being dealt with by pastors and the congregation alike. This is going to be a little off the reservation for me and, as always, I am fully open to respectful opinion and discussion, as I will be talking about what my understanding is of the situation, but that certainly doesn’t mean my understanding is set in stone. If, through scripture, someone can show me that my understanding is incorrect I am more than happy to take facts into consideration and adjust my understanding, but only to be in line with scripture!

That being said, the proceeding post will have subject matter somewhat adult in nature. I am not putting it behind a password, as I don’t want to have to password it, but I am issuing a fair warning for those who decide to click past the break.

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I DO Love Lucy (Something you will probably never see again in your lifetime).

For Christmas my daughter bought my wife the entire series collection of the ‘I Love Lucy’ show on DVDs and it is THICK. There must be 20 discs in the box! To date it has been fun to re-watch all the episodes, as I am a big fan of Lucy to begin with (she’s part of the reason I have a slight obsession with redheads).

Its been interesting to watch the show in the modern era, as many people would probably consider it to have helped usher in modern feminism, or, perhaps, to have already been a by-product of early feminism, and I would agree with them if not for the fact that the show is comedy fiction. Its one of the reasons why comic book movie and sci-fi movie “action girls” don’t really bug me: They are works of fiction. So long as they are understood as works of fiction then I don’t have a problem with them, but when we ignore reality to make fiction seem like the norm I take issue. In the same way we understand that none of us will ever fly like Superman, have heat vision or be invulnerable to physical attack we should understand that the girl in the movie who weights 120 lbs and looks damn sexy in leather throwing a 300 lb man into the wall is not reality, nor should it be taught as such (and that is where the Western world is failing).

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In Defense of Mary.

While sitting down the other evening to watch our yearly intake of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ I was once again taken by the films many pro’s. It has great actors, great acting, humor, drama, love, family, hope, faith, grace and is a story you likely wouldn’t see on the silver screen any longer. In fact, just this morning I saw a news report that CNN is calling for the movie to be put to rest, as it is “inherently sexist“, since poor Mary Bailey could have had a “stellar career” if she hadn’t met and fallen for that misogynistic pig, George, who was always keeping her down. I mean, forget the fact that Mary had secretly wished for many years to pin him down as a husband, she could have really been SOMETHING if she had just ditched that loser and hit the corporate scene!

Of course, all of George’s sacrifices mean nothing.

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Sexual Assault is the Fashion of the Day

Look, women are herd creatures. They tend to follow the popular crowd. That’s why we have things like fashion trends and why, when Ellen or Oprah endorses something the manufacturers can hardly keep up with the demand. When the queen bee gives her stamp of approval on something it suddenly becomes all the rage and nearly everyone who is anyone will jump on board the trend train.

A month or so ago (perhaps a bit longer, time flies, after all) an actress came out and accused a Hollywood big wig of raping her. Since that time we have seen actress after actress after actress AFTER ACTRESS coming forward to tell their story of sexual assault, “predatory behavior” (what even is that?) and rape. I mean, forget that these alleged events took place 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, and that despite these events these ladies continued to work with the alleged perpetrator AND other men accused of the same, or worse. Forget that there is little to no evidence beyond an accusation (though a few of the men accused have stepped forward with admissions of guilt, which will and should be tried in a court of law), and that the accusation is all it is going to take to ruin lives. The last time I checked our justice system didn’t convict on hearsay but on a preponderance of evidence. But it is precious snowflake, holier-than-god women we are talking about here, and (some) cute ones at that, so also know that stuff like evidence and facts are not necessarily required to “convict” a guy.

I’m all for sexual predators getting justice. If a guy genuinely committed a crime then, guess what, he should go to jail. No I don’t think he suffer the worstest penalty ever in the history of the planet because he sexually assaulted a lady. Why would I? Women have so devalued their sexuality and innocence that an actual crime against these virtues is now no surprise or shock. The number of false accusations and women convicted of rape themselves, particularly women teachers, has normalized rape and sexual assault from a crime that draws sharp breaths from the community into one that barely draws a “meh”. I understand it certainly is devastating to the victims of the crime (Unless they were school boys, then its not a big deal and the criminal doesn’t need to spend the rest of their lives in jail, just a year plus community service), but the fact that these women put themselves in the position to allow this to happen (yes, I just said that) makes their victimhood suspect.

“Hey, cutie, come with me, alone, into this hotel room. I ‘just want to talk'”

“Okay, all you ladies line up and take your clothes off.”

“Yeah, baby, Ill make sure you win an Oscar, just drop your panties.”

If these statements don’t come off as lending to the possibility of something relating to sex is about to go down then these women are much more vapid than I thought.

Accusations of sexual assault and rape are all the rage these days, dearie! Everybodies got one! Hurry up and make sure you get yours before they go out of style!