Why are women afraid to be just women?

Earlier today I ran across a Facebook post by a page I am subscribed to which is geared towards men. The admin posts quotes by famous warriors throughout history, maxims and general “warrior” related stuff, which makes for an interesting daily read. What I have noticed, however, is that much like another “manly” page I sometimes visit out there the admin posts a lot of quotes with pictures of women. Women with swords, women in combat, etc., etc.. Now, as you know, I’m not opposed to seeing women with such things, as spending any more than a few seconds on my page reveals that I have some such women prominently displayed on the sidebar, but my page is not geared directly towards dispensing advice from long dead warriors to men. Because this persons page is geared toward such a goal I found it a little odd that the following graphic was posted today:

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In Defense of Mary.

While sitting down the other evening to watch our yearly intake of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ I was once again taken by the films many pro’s. It has great actors, great acting, humor, drama, love, family, hope, faith, grace and is a story you likely wouldn’t see on the silver screen any longer. In fact, just this morning I saw a news report that CNN is calling for the movie to be put to rest, as it is “inherently sexist“, since poor Mary Bailey could have had a “stellar career” if she hadn’t met and fallen for that misogynistic pig, George keeping her down. I mean, forget the fact that Mary had secretly wished for many years to pin him down as a husband, she could have really been SOMETHING if she had just ditched that loser and hit the corporate scene!

Of course, all of George’s sacrifices mean nothing.

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Has Disney already ruined ‘The Incredibles 2’? I hope not.

Update: Recently watched the “Olympic sneak peek” trailer.

I am a huge fan of the film ‘The Incredibles’. If you’ve never seen it before you are definitely missing out, as its a throwback not only to superhero films of yesteryear but also pays its respects to the spy film genre by mirroring James Bond quality gadgets and gizmos in its antagonist. It was well voiced, well rendered and is still a marvel of modern computer rendering capabilities.

Suffice to say that after the success of the first film ‘The Incredibles” built up quite a fan base and those fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Though I suppose the official game “Rise of the Underminer” was supposed to be a sequel of sorts (I believe it takes place moments after the end of the first film) Disney/Pixar recently announced a true movie sequel that immediately excited fans. Following up with a short teaser they revved the fan base up even more!

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I consider my wife to be ‘moderately feminist’. That is to say that, when held up to her other friends, she is pretty tame. She does have one friend who is a full blown, all out Christo-feminist, who goes to church and praises God and talks about the wage gap and how men subjugate women (while smoking weed and drinking and sleeping with men who aren’t her husband). Because of this I use my wife to kind of gauge where the Christian woman culture is at and where it is headed. Though she has her own issues, I see her as the typical Christian woman, or maybe even a bit better than, seeing as how she hasn’t consciously attached herself to the feminist mindset.

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Watchers and An Explanation

It appears that I am a bit of a subject of discussion amongst a few “bird watchers” that have taken issue with some of the stuff both on my blog and in some of the comments I have made on another blog. Aside from being cowardly to sit back and talk about people from the shadows, it just seems to be in bad taste, but bad taste is pretty much the order of the day for the majority of the internet, so no biggie there.

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Back to the Beginning.

So after thinking some things over and talking to a few people I find that I have little hope for the churches of the West. Protestant churches can’t get their act together with scripture and nobody seems to care about it or agree on what can be done to fix it.

I talked with a co-worker and my sister this morning (my sister is the secretary of the office) and I posed a question to my sister about head coverings. The point wasn’t so much about the head coverings itself, but more about why are Christians so averse to scripture that can easily be understood as literal scripture. The verses in question are 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. My question posed to her was this: “If this is a literal piece of scripture, that is, if Paul is saying that, in the churches of God women should cover their heads while they pray and men should not cover their heads because this is dishonorable, why is the idea of head coverings so offensive?”. Now, again, the question really wasn’t about head coverings, but about the fact that the scripture itself, the words in the bible, seem to indicate that head coverings MEAN SOMETHING in the church of God, and that Paul says the covering or uncovering (female or male) should be observed, why, when I point this out, are people (men and women) offended by it?

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The Problem with “Layers of Understanding”.

So over at another blog page (one much bigger than mine) there seems to be a battle between a few Catholic types, Orthodox types (though I guess these two are somewhat similar) and Protestant types over the “true church”, scripture and all that stuff. Important stuff, to be sure, but maybe a bit more over my head at the moment. I must admit I have done little study into Catholicism or Orthodoxy, myself being considered a non-denomination protestant (I guess, I just want to follow Jesus, really).

Part of the argument is that the Orthodoxy has had, for centuries, a clear cut vision of what scripture is and means, with rigid control by those in charge, while Protestants are kind of all over the place, with every man interpreting scripture in his own way, which has lead to confusion.

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