So a few weeks ago I built a ‘French Cleat’ panel for my garage. A French cleat is basically just a 45 degree angle cut onto two opposing edges, and one rests inside of another, allowing you to hang things. Its a great and strong method for putting up just about anything from your flat panel TV (assuming you don’t want it to tilt) to cabinets an shelves.

Your basic French cleat.

It’s super simple to make with any number of saws and can even be used indoors to create a highly customizable wall.

Normally I see people cutting 2×4’s and running them along a wall, but I did mine in panel form just in case I ever decide I want to rearrange things and clear a space of wall. Then I only have to take down whatever panels I want instead of maybe having to take down a bunch of 10 ft. 2×4’s, cutting them and then putting them back up.


I’ve had the panel for a couple of weeks and only just got around to making my first accessory for it. Using some scrap wood I had from an old bed and some 1/4″ MDF I made a nice little box for all of the spray paint cans that have been sitting on my workbench for a month or so. It only took me a couple of hours and required nothing more than a few screws and some glue.

The end result was satisfyingly effective, though I need to make a few more accessories to really get things cleared up.

Here you can kind of see how the opposing cleat fits into the one on the panel. Again, its very strong and using a simple 2×4 you could very easily mount a heavy TV onto the wall of a bedroom, foregoing the $50+ cost of a metal wall mount.


The great thing is that there’s no limit to what I can build to put on this wall! I can custom build any attachment for any tool! Circular saw? Bam! Odd shaped tire inflator? No problem! I can build shelves, boxes, hangars, cabinets – ANYTHING! And it’s much more cost effective than pre-built solutions, though it does require me taking the time to build something (which is almost never a problem).

Anyhow, more updates as they come! Let me know what you think in the comment! I’m actually considering putting this system into what will soon be my semi-office at home so I can put up whatever I want or need in there too!

Thanks for reading!