Onion Sword!

So now that I have a little more time on my hands I have started on my next wooden project, which is actually a rehash of an older wooden project.  Any of you that have played Final Fantasy XI should be familiar with the ‘Onion Sword’.  It’s the base weapon for the Warrior job, and a popular design for several other high level weapons.  A year or so ago I made a cheap wooden version for my son and he really liked it.  It wasn’t all that great, made from pine and very bland.  Well, I have decided to start anew with the little sword (who’s design I really do like!) and this time make a much more detailed version.  I selected a nice piece of poplar as my subject (although I will probably do another in oak if this one turns out well) and have already started mapping out my points and lines for cutting.  I’m probably going to tamper with my previous design, which I’m not sure if I like much or not.  Ill try to post a drawing of what the old design consisted of, and where I want to go with the new one.  Keep an eye out!
Drew out my design and started cutting last Sunday, but, naturally, I kind of screwed up on one side of the blade by not guiding it very well.  So now one side of the blade is very nice and smooth and one is kind of jagged.  I also wasnt paying attention and cut a notch into one part of edge.  Because of this I’m going to chalk this one up to a ‘first test’.  I will complete it and see if my new design works.  If it does, I found a place in town that has some nice prices on oak boards, I might just buy one of those and try over again.  I have always wanted to work with oak, but it has looked extremely expensive.  At 10$ for a three foot board, I cant go wrong!  More updates when I get this one completed!

RIP – Video Card

Well, while installing Win7 I was having some problems with the driver for my wifi card and was required to pull it out for model information.  I guess while putting it back in I accidentally snapped something off of the video card (which sits right above the slot I had my wifi card in).  Unfortunately this means my video card died and has now ceased to function.  Heck, my PC wont even boot up if I have it installed!  Suffice to say I have had to move to the motherboards video output which makes my pc useable, but not for design.  Until I am able to purchase a new card, I wont be putting out any new objects for Poser.  This particularly sucks because I had a couple of swords I had just about ready, and now they will be on hold.  I should be getting a new card by the end of the month, if all goes well.

Miscellaneous Photos

   I have added another photo album to my slideshow entitled ‘Misc Photos’.  I’m trying, this year, to take more pictures when I see something that interests me or catches my eye.  They arent anything particularly special, just stuff I see throughout the days and weeks that I see as being of interest.  Comment if you like, or just take a look.

Steel Knight for Poser

RGdev.NET Knights Swords Collection 1 – The Steel Knight
(for Poser)
   Introducing the first in what will hopefully be a long line of weapon props for Poser, the Steel Knight!  The Knights Swords Collection is a set of weapons for Poser based on the knights sword class of weapon I created for my paper based RPG, Destructive Tendencies!  The rest in the set (which I am still working on) include at least a dozen different types of knights swords with varying elemental type design.  Keep an eye out for new models as they are complete!

   The Steel Knight is a basic steel bladed sword, given to most knights upon graduating the knighthood, but dont be fooled by it’s simple appearance.  This humble blade has made kings from fools, and crushed even the mightiest countries into dust.  This model has no morphs, but it does, however, have a full UV map, so you can add your own runes, splatter or whatever! Enjoy!


Download “Steel Knight”

Xmas coolness!

   Sweet! For christmas my dad got me the most crucial tool I have been missing for my woodworking, a band saw!  Between that and all the other tools I have gotten lately, I think I’m going to be able to pump out some nice stuff!  I have also been going over my sword designs and looking into getting more of them into Poser and selling them on Renderosity.  Im hoping to work on it starting this week or so, but I dont know if Ill be able to.  Im hoping to enlist a couple of people for texturing, or at least poking their brain for some ideas.  I also hope that the 3d versions will translate well into wooden versions (which I wont sell, but will look really cool!).  Keep an eye out, because I’m really hoping 2009 will be the year I can get a lot of stuff done.

The monster was concealing a treasure casket!

   Woo hoo!  One my my biggest issues with trying to create wooden things is my distinct lack of tools, which (as any fool will tell you) are required for any high level woodworking!  Problem solved!  Went down to Lowes a few weeks ago and they were clearancing out their stock of Black and Decker ‘Firestorm’ tools!  Picked up a treasure trove of tools for mere pennies!  I also fixed my garage door and cleaned out the mess so my work area is nearly ready to go.  I’m hoping to kind of document my creation of a ‘test’ Slash (see previous blog entries), and then my creation of a ‘real’ Slash.  I’m probably going to go with poplar for my test and red or white oak for the finshed product.  I’ll try to keep everyone up to date!
   Also working on lots of DT stuff lately, so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have some real, solid stuff to put on the website!  Keep an eye out!

Renewed DT effort!

   Looking back over the past few years, I find myself thinking that I probably could have finished DT several times over, had I taken just a few minutes a day to complete something, ANYTHING related to the project.  Failure to do so on my part has lead to what I have now, which is basically a large framework that changes on a constant basis.  I am hoping, with the new year approaching, that I can complete DT in 2009 and make it available to download as a complete game!
   For those of you new to the site, Destructive Tendencies (DT) is a paper based RPG I have been working on for several years now, and has a format loosely based on the game ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’.  It didn’t start that way, but I really enjoyed the system used in FFT, and felt it would be of good use if I could translate that to paper.  I would love to, eventually, translate the paper rules into some type of online or flash based game, but that is probably a long way off.  Anyhow, we will see what happens, just keep an eye out for updates, which should be coming soon.