It’s been a long time…..

   Since I posted anything! Not that much of anything has been going on.  Probably going to dump Final Fantasy XI after several years of play.  Still working on re-creating some of my 3d items for reposting.  Currently working on a card type game with my brother, based on my DT game.  Getting ready to go camping next weekend in Ventura.  Kids headed back to school in the next week or two and tons of work, work, work!  As soon as I can get some paperwork done, Ill start posting lots of info about DT, for anyone who happens to be looking here.  I don’t think I have much of a following, and thats fine for now.  However, if you have any interest in talking about gaming (video, board or paper), movies, books – whatever, dial me up on MSN Messenger ( and chat for a while.

Remaking some objects.

   I’m really kind of dissapointed with some of the 3d objects I have created in the past, and the more I look at them, the more I want to revise them.  Provided I have some time in the next week, Ill go ahead and do that.  I’m working two outages next mo nth at two different power plants, and that means that for nearly the whole month of May, I won’t be doing anything!  Ill post the updates to Renderosity when they are done, assuming I get them done anytime soon!  Keep an eye out!

ZepAgain in Ventura!

   Went to the Led ZepAgain concert in Ventura over the weekend and it was a blast! I never get tired of these guys, they are great!  The performed with another band doing an AC/DC tribute called ‘Bonfire’, who was also really good, but the ZepAgain guys took the show!  I really can’t recommend seeing this band enough!  They are awesome! They sound great! They are official Led Zeppelin approved!!!  Don’t believe me? Go to their website and read about their interaction with Jimmy Page and the rest of the Zeppelin band members!  They are going to be in Bakersfield next month, so if you are anywhere near, buy tickets and go!
   In the meantime, look below the photo gallery for some (blurry) pictures taken whilst there.  Hope to see you at the next concert!

Its been a long time since……

   I haven’t put anything here in the blog for a while, mostly because I just haven’t had enough time.  However, cool things have been happening in the realm of DT stuff.  I have gotten quite a bit of it done in the past couple of weeks and we should be play testing it soon.  I also got some new models done in Truespace, but I’m afraid they are mostly for my own personal use.  However, I recently spoke to my brother about him providing textures for a newer version of the claw set I made for Poser a couple of years ago, and he said he was all for it, so maybe we will start work on those soon.  In the meantime, nothing really spectacular going on in this new year.  Hopefully Ill have a cool update soon, and Ill probably post some more pictures from around SoCal, which I take on occasion whilst driving around for work.

Small update….

   Christmas time is my favorite time of year, but it’s also the time of year I am fattest.  My wife cooks well, and its a bit of a two-edged sword, I must admit.  On the one hand, nothing beats her Thanksgiving turkey dinner, but she makes so much food between Thanksgiving and Christmas I hardly know what to do!  And then Im always taste testing and she experiments with different recipies and ideas.  When I was younger I was thin as a rail, but being married has certainly fattened me up!  It’s not a bad thing, by any means!
   Went out on Monday to see Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ and was pleasantly suprised.  I figured it would be a creative ‘adaptation’ (read: goofy) of the beloved book, but it was actually really, really good!  I mean, they took some creative liberties here and there, but overall it stuck to the book very well and was very exciting.  I thought I would be put off by the 3D, but wow!  If this is the future of 3D movies then I can’t wait to see more!
   After recruiting my brother to help me with DT production I can already see things headed in a good direction.  In one night alone we solved an ages old problem that has haunted me for years!  Because of this, DT development has been moving along well, and Im hoping to get more done with the upcoming holidays off.  I havent updated the website in a while (its still blank) because of some issues I want to get done before I start posting stuff, but I know I need to get on it soon.
   It’s getting cold out here in SoCal (global warming my eye…..) and I actually found snow on the ground yesterday when I was out in the field.  Next week I will be going into an outage at a local power plant, and Im not looking forward to it.  Time to bundle up and get some heat packs!  Even so, I know its probably warmer here than in most areas of the country.
   Thanks for checking the blog.  Talk to you all later.