Final Fantasy Friday I

This preview from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive movie looks incredible. I hope the game lives up to the hype. I would hate to see the story sacrificed on the altar of incredible graphics, which has been the death knell of many a game.


If you don’t want to have children, don’t get married.

I know this post is probably going to step on a few toes, but this is a touchy subject I have been giving a lot of thought to lately.

I find myself needing to have a discussion with my daughter about her current state of affairs. She is 19 years old, works a graveyard shift at a local manufacturer here in town and has a boyfriend whom she spends most of her day with (when she is awake). She has maintained, however, that though she would like to get married some day she does not want to have children, instead opting to possibly adopt.

To this I say: No.

Now most women, and even a lot of men, would say I was in the wrong. It’s her life, she should be able to do what she wants and, if the man she wants to marry is fine with it and they want to adopt then I should be willing to accept that. To that I also say: No.

Now, my daughter is a smart cookie, having enjoyed her time in high school going through the engineering program, working with lasers and 3d printers, but outside of high school she has shown no interest in continuing her education, which is fine by me. Personally I think she is a musical and artistic genius. Within days after picking up a guitar I caught her playing and singing beautifully, something I have yet to master after having played for at least five years or more. She does incredible work with a paint brush and has a natural skill in painting that I can only be envious of. I would much rather she work on these skills and get married instead of go to college where she greatly runs the risk of becoming corrupted by the liberal and feminist mindset, even in our small conservative town.

That being said I don’t think marriage is a good fit for her if she continues along the path of “I don’t want to have kids”. First of all a woman’s duty is to have children if she can. God’s very first commandment to the husband/wife duo of Adam and Eve was to “be fruitful and multiply”. This means that He expects men and women to have children! Exactly how many is up to the couple, I suppose, though God sees fit to sneak in His own 2 cents every so often (our youngest is our DAC, Designated Accidental Child), but I think that the financial situation and health of the couple should play a big role in determining if they have one child or ten children, but what do I know, people have been having more kids than they should since the beginning of time and the human race seems to be fine.

There is, however, one VERY BIG reason why I don’t think it would be wise for her to get married unless she changes her mind. Neither young women nor young men seem to think past the next thirty minutes, but this arrangement, married with NO children, costs men much more than they could possibly imagine. To marry a woman and go through life with her and no children ERASES A MANS GENETIC LEGACY FROM THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Talk about extinction – this man, every last trace of him, is gone, forever. His legacy ends COMPLETELY. Yet men are so thirsty to get married and have sex that they will completely ignore this fact and go along with the program. Some time down the line they may come to their senses and decide they DO want a child, a son to carry on their genetic legacy, but now they will need to contend with a wife who may or may not have changed her mind – and God help him if she did not change her mind. That kind of fight is the stuff nightmares are made of, and given the ease at which divorce is available, even for Christian women, a man can expect to be on the losing end no matter what.

I don’t have anything against adoption, but if you are planning on adopting I would recommend, as a man and as a father, that you have at least one son of your own first. The cost is too great in the long run. We hear all the time about animals on the verge of extinction and how awful it is and how we can help preserve them for future generations, and yet this generation will not bat an eye at snuffing out a man’s genetic legacy. If your lucky you will have a son quickly, if not you end up like my aunt and uncle, who had seven, eight or nine girls before their first boy. I am NOT saying that having girls is bad, they are blessed beyond belief by their daughters and the grandkids that have followed, but I speak in terms of genetic legacy.

The bible and many other ancient books place much emphasis on a man’s legacy. Time and time again we see in the scripture the value placed on sons. Not that daughters were of any less value, or any less loved – but a son carries with him the ability to carry on a mans legacy, something that a daughter cannot do, thus they held a special place in that society. The devaluation of masculinity and men has led our society to lose sight of that, or, even worse, to hate it. Feminists, without a doubt, have done plenty to make sure that men fail at continuing their genetic legacies by making it more difficult for women to bear children (by greatly extending the ‘best’ age for having children from early 20’s to 30’s and 40’s, which carry a much greater risk of problems for both mother and child), by pushing the gay agenda which pretty much takes a group of men out of the running altogether, and by abortion, which has ended millions of unborn lives. Why a Christian woman would choose to do this is beyond me.

The upcoming discussion will be a difficult one, and some of you readers out there may not agree with me on this, but the truth is undeniable. The cost is too great to bear and, in todays monogamous society, men have little recourse but to opt out of marrying women who have decided not to have children. In ages past they could have opted to have a second or third wife (which we also see in the bible) that would give them the son they needed, and I suppose you could hire a surrogate, but I see too many issues with this. Firstly there is the cost. At least having a child of ones own does not require a huge up front cost, as insurance will typically foot the bill for the birth. A surrogate would require several thousand dollars of up-front investment which can be difficult for some people to come up with. Secondly there is always the possibility of a surrogate backing out or having some genetic issue themselves that they fail to disclose or maybe don’t even know about. I guess the same goes for a married couple, but in that situation there is a dedication to caring for THEIR child, but I can see a BUYERS REMORSE situation arising if this happens with a surrogate. Call it messed up if you will, but it could happen. Lastly, a mother will have little trouble caring for her own child (in most situations), but I could see it being a much bigger issue for a wife to have to care for another woman’s baby, even if half of its genetics come from her husband. She has NO STAKE in the child. None of her genetic material is there and it could be difficult for her to attach to it. Wives should be having their own babies with their own husbands. Again, this is assuming there are no medical issues or something that PREVENTS a woman from having children – that’s another story altogether, but any man who intentionally marries a woman who refuses to have children is committing self-genocide. Shame on him, and shame on her, both.

Don’t like my attitude? Change your expectations!

Why do so many Christian women act like this? I suspect its because they have been raised in a feminist society and, despite their Christianity, nearly every one of them has a streak of feminism in them. They can’t help it, it’s how their brains are programmed and it takes a woman who is very strong in relationship with Christ to see it within herself and kill it.  Christian wives should be submitting and conforming to their husbands leadership, but instead we get this – an attitude of ‘if you don’t like how I am then tough luck’. I had said in an older post that at some point all women hit The Wall and lose their outer beauty. When that happens all that’s left is their inner self, which can be extremely ugly. Unfortunately there is no makeup or medical procedure that can be purchased to hide that mess – only a heart transplant can fix it (if you know what I mean). This attitude not only hastens the inevitable meeting with The Wall, but it seriously destroys a woman’s inner beauty. Don’t believe me? Wait until your old, wrinkled and ignored by most everyone and suddenly realize that your husband looks at you with both sadness and disdain in his eyes. Sadness because he knows that you were once a woman he loved and cared for, and disdain because your bitter attitude killed that woman, and replaced it with a soulless hag.

I see a perfect example of this in the grandparents of a friend. The husband is an shrunken old preacher while the wife is a heavy-set harpy who can never be wrong. The husband is dying. He is old and tired, having had to go through multiple medical procedures these past couple of years. He requires round the clock medical attention and several medications, but his wife will not allow it. She will not allow the home care nurse into the house. She goes on and on about how they cannot afford the medication he needs to be taking. She controls every aspect of her husbands life and he is unable to do anything about it due to his medical conditions.  The poor man has confessed that he is ready to go, longing to be free from this world and at home in the next. He may love his wife, even still, but I doubt he likes her at all. Her attitude is unchangeable, but only because she chooses not to change it.

Is that what the definition of being a helpmeet has turned into? Have we replaced “Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives,…” with “If you can’t handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”  The latter may sound really cool, but it is hardly scriptural.

Should men begin to apply this same attitude to their lives? If you cannot accept me beating you when I am angry then you sure as hell don’t deserve my gifts to you when I am happy! If you cannot accept me when I am unemployed and we are living on the streets then you sure as hell don’t deserve me when I am making millions and have a beautiful house on the coast!

Doesn’t sound as great when its put that way, does it?

Society has trained women to think they are angels. Spotless and blameless. Men are supposed to feel blessed to even be in their presence – garbage, all of it. Christian women, most of all, should know that God has an expectation of them, and they should do everything they can to meet that expectation because it pleases Him who expects it. What is that expectation? See the above paragraph, in bold, but beware, once you know, you are accountable.

Luke 12:

47 And that servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. 48 But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.


Guys accesorize too.

So fathers day is quickly approaching so I thought I would throw this out there for blog visitors. I own some of these items already, but since everyone who has visited my blog more than once knows I’m a sucker for a hot tool I’ll point out a few of the cooler things I have seen in the past few months.

Disclaimer: These are not really endorsements of any kind. No one is paying me to plug their product (yet, anyway!), but if I see some sweet gear I think another guy would like I will point it out.

  1. Ryobi Ultra-Quite Garage Door Opener

    This thing looks like a beast! Most people have a garage door opener, but how many people have one that you can plug cool stuff into like an extension cord, Bluetooth speaker or parking assist laser! LASERS PEOPLE! Not only that but you can control it via the app on your phone (iPhone or Android – go figure. Us WinPhone users left in the cold again…) AND, by plugging in a Ryobi portable battery you can use it up to 100 times if your power goes out in your home! You can buy this guy from Home Depot. Its a little pricey and modules aren’t very cheap, but I can see this being useful for its entire life.

  2. Black and Decker Matrix Quick Connect System

    AKA: Craftsman Bolt-On System, this awesome tool takes the power of your standard 20 volt drill driver and adds a swappable tool set that GREATLY increases its versatility! With the ability to pull of the drill motor and add a detail sander, oscillating tool, router, jig saw, trim saw, air compressor, hedge trimmer and MORE it becomes an invaluable asset to the DIY or home improvement buff! The 20 volt lithium ion batteries have good power and, in a pinch, have a quick charge feature that can restore a lot of power in just 10 minutes. I own three batteries and I have never been without power. The nice thing is that both the Craftsman and B&D tools are the EXACT SAME, and both sets of attachments fit both drill motors. This really comes in handy when you find attachments on sale for half price at the local hardware store! You can buy the Craftsman tools at your local Sears store or you can buy this nifty set of the Black & Decker Matrix base with 5 attachments from The Home Depot.

  3. Kreg Jigs

    Holy smokes these things are awesome! Pocket hole joints are beautiful. Strong, easy to hide and fun to make, they are a furniture makers friend. As far as I know Kreg makes the most durable and easy to use pocket hole jigs out there. They can get expensive, but a good, useable jig can be had for around 40$ (plus the cost of  a clamp). If your man likes making tables, stools, benches, cabinets or cupboards you cant go wrong with one of these! Kreg also makes a ton of other great and innovative tools which you can view at their website,

  4. New Nintendo 3Ds XL

    Ages 10-Teen my eye! If your man is an old school gamer like me you cant go wrong with the 3Ds XL. Gaming on the go has always been a must for me, ever since the old Gameboy came out, and the 3Ds XL does not disappoint. Its large for big hands, it has bright and crisp screens and a large library of games, new and old! The 3d feature can be turned on and off (it doesn’t work for everyone) and if your man gets tired of playing games while you visit with your mother he can always watch Netflix or Hulu. Yeah the screen is small, but while other husbands are staring into space or wondering when his father in law is going to get rid of the wallpaper with guys hunting ducks on it YOURS will be the envy of all as he watches his favorite show. If you decide to buy one of these make sure you know his favorite color, and pick up a good sized memory card while your at it!

Well that’s it. A few of my favorite things. I already own the 3Ds XL and the Craftsman Bolt-On and I can attest to the usefulness of both! The jig is on its way (got to put together a farmhouse table for the dining room) and the garage door opener will happen if I can sell more swords! Keep in touch, people!

Someone likes my girls….

I received an email yesterday from WordPress telling me that my page was experiencing high traffic volume so I decided to check it out. When I got around to it I found this:


I can only assume that someone REALLY likes Sonja Black, as they clicked on her pictures 253 times! Wow, if only all of my other work was as impressive as all that! Well, whoever you are out there, I hope you enjoyed it! Personally I’m kind of weirded out, though!

Note: I know the views don’t add up to 253, but total hits – hits that weren’t Sonja related = 253. Kind of weird that WP seems to be missing a bunch of hits. Odd.