End of Summer Slowdown…..

     Well, not much going on lately, here at the end of summer.  Here in SoCal, it stays hot all the way through September (and I mean up in the triple digits), and the number of fires we have had lately play mean tricks on your nose, lungs and sinus.  I have been working on some DT jobs lately, though not as much as I would like to.  Also been trying to get some 3d related items done, but REALLY haven’t had any time for that.  Though I have some new stuff on paper, I really feel the need to update the katar claws I already have on Renderosity.  I’ll have to think that one over, but I have a few improvements I have been looking into for the past year, but just have not had the time to sit down and work on them.
     Well, not much of an update, I guess, but just enough to let anyone who checks this blog know that I’m still alive.  I also hope to have something up on the official website soon, but I have been purposely holding off on that while I look into obtaining some copyrights on a few things.  More info when it’s available.

Sept 8th and the schools.

   Anyone who knows me knows that the president and I dont exactly see eye-to-eye on many issues.  I personally think that the United States are headed down a dangerous road, and has been for quite some time, even before our current president.  Recently I have heard that on September 8th, the president will be feeding an online speech into classrooms around the U.S., followed by some paperwork and assignments from the teachers.  I have also heard that many people have opted not to send their children to school on the 8th because they don’t want them ‘indoctrinated’.  Initially, I had the same idea.  I mean, no president that I can think of has ever had a live, direct feed into the classroom, and I dont know if I would be comfortable with our last president, or ANY president, doing the same thing.  It’s not that I dont trust the president of the U.S., but many times there are agenda’s and ideas the government holds that I dont think are right and that I dont need my kids to get into, either because they are just too young to understand or it just seems to creepy.
   Despite my issues with the current president, I have decided to send my kids to school on the 8th regardless of whats going on, and I think, depending on your childrens age, you should too.  All of my kids are ten or older, and I have spoken to them many times about the government, politics and the way I see things.  Its not all good, its not all bad, but to date, they pretty much reflect my ideas if you ask them about anything political.  I feel they are old enough, now, to have their ideas challenged in the real world, and for them to be able to defend WHY they feel the way they do, and not just be mirrors of their parents.  Last night at dinner I discussed with them what I expect from them if they attend school on this day and it broke down to:
1. Be honest with yourself and others.
2. Be intelligent in your answers.
3. Be prepared to have your ideas challenged, you need to have facts to back up your ideas.
4. Be prepared to possibly have people (both teachers and students) mistreat you because of your ideas.
   I cant tell anyone what to do, and heck, I dont expect anyone to take my advice either, but if your children are ten or older, and you have spoken to them about your political views, send them to school and let them be challenged.  As adults, they are going to have to know how to seperate fact from spin, and the government is always spinning.  With the direction the U.S. has been heading over the past few years, I think its going to be one of the most important skills your children can have as they reach adulthood.

Camping was good and, Reorganization!

     Okay, overall, our family camping trip was good!  The people who run the campsite are goofy (http://venturabeach-rvresort.com) so if you ever decide to go there, be prepared for alot of mixed up information when trying to check in.  Despite the trouble, we had a good time.  Family, food and friends, all at the beach!  I don’t know if we will go back to this site again as a group.  My wife and children still like the place, but the freeway is right on top of the campground and it’s quite noisy, so I dont think all the people in our group had a great time sleeping.
     In other news, I think my web presence is going to be out for a while.  I am getting ready to cancel both my cable and internet service at home so I can concentrate on reorganizing some bills and stuff.  As a result, I wont be updating too much for the next few months (not that I update that much now), but when I get everything switched back on I should have tons of DT stuff ready to go.  Last week I spent time working on the ‘Berserker’ class, and it worked out really well!  So until then, everyone take it easy!

What a mess….

Blogging from my phone tonight, so excuse any errors in spelling or grammar. Out camping in Ventura at the campground family and I normally visit and what a mess! The people who run this place are knuckleheads this year! I asked for an extra site and they told me it was good. I get here and its a madhouse! They cut us a site short (we have 32 people) and they treat me like Im at fault! I don’t know if Im coming back here next year.

I must be getting senile too…..

….because I didn’t notice earlier that the link I provided to the website actually came back to this site!  Sometimes I don’t know how I make it through the day without severely injuring myself.  The proper link to the website is:
     I should be updating the site soon to include some actual game information, but I have been really busy lately (whats new) and haven’t had much time to work on anything except in little spurts here and there.