Helpmeet or No Help at All?

I have a question for Christian women out there, and it’s a serious one:

Are you actively working to be the helpmeet to your husband you are called to be, or is he simply taking whatever help you choose to give?

To better clarify let me break the question down a little:

Can your husband ask you for assistance in a particular area or task and fully expect and trust you to complete it, even if it is not something you normally tend to or causes you to go out of your way? For example: You typically go to the gym on Monday nights, but because he is travelling on Tuesday your husband asks you to stay home and help him get ready by cooking dinner (which he normally does on Mondays) and getting certain laundry he needs done so he can get to bed early in preparation for a long drive. (the example is oddly specific, but no, is not a situation I am familiar with)


When your husband asks you to stay home you tell him you won’t because you normally go to the gym on Mondays and you don’t want to miss your class but if you get back in time you will see about getting his laundry done and he can order a pizza or something if he doesn’t want to make dinner, but, you are not going to miss your class.

One is an example of helping where he needs it, the other is giving your help where you can spare it. Or, I guess a better description is, one is actually being helpful, the other is not.

My purpose in this post, however, is not to be accusatory, but I guess to find out what a woman’s definition of ‘help’ is. I suppose some ladies would say “Well I help him by keeping the house clean, making his meals and washing his clothes!”, but is that really help or just your daily routine. I mean, it certainly is helpful, but is it helpful to you if your husband goes to work every day, maintains the car and the yard but, when asked if he can help with a specific task he simply says “No”?

Just curious.


Katana Slash – Complete(?)


Well this is it. the finished product. Made in trueSpace, rendered in DAZStudio. It’s about as complete as I am going to make it, though I may change some of the coloring. I’ll be adding some information about Slash and his many iterations shortly, as I am hoping to add some DT info pages to the site, I just haven’t decided exactly how I want to do things. Anyhow, enjoy!

trueSpace – It’s Alive?!

Going over my traffic history (and there isn’t much, trust me), it seems that I get a lot of hits on my trueSpace post. Are people still that interested in the software? I mean, it’s pretty powerful stuff, even for it’s age, and it’s free! If your a user, leave a comment. I’m interested in finding out how many people still use it, as I feel like the only one.

Katana Slash – WIP


It’s been a long time since I last had this model. I made one a long time ago, but have since lost it somewhere in deleted files and lost backup CDs. This weapon is named Slash, and belongs to the main protagonist in my paper game/story Destructive Tendencies, Snapper. One of the weapons forged for the gods, Slash is able to split himself off into multiple copies of himself in the form of different types of weapons. This particular version, the form of a katana, is favored by Snappers wife, Sonja Red, the overactive, hyperactive half of her split persona and body. I am modelling it in trueSpace, an old 3D modelling software that holds a special place in my heart, and I cannot seem to ditch, even when I try. Once this is all done I will post some completed images, along with a few while wielded by Sonja Red. Enjoy!

Update: Here is a quick render I did with the sword and Sonja Red. Nothing major, just wanted to see how it was coming along. It still needs work, for sure, but it’s better than what I had before – which was nothing!

Sonja Red and Slash – WIP

Lack of Disrespect does not equal Respect

Ladies, just because you do not disrespect your husband does not automatically mean you are respecting him. Like love, respect is an action, it must ‘be done’ for it to happen. In between disrespect and respect is a little space called indifference. I feel like many Christian women exist in this space. They don’t actively disrespect their husbands, ie: yelling, screaming, throwing fits, but they don’t actively respect their husbands either, ie: being submissive as the bible calls, making her husband a priority. Love is a verb, right? Respect is as well.

New tools


So with the holidays comes the typical flood of sales and closeouts at various stores and I, fortunately, was able to find a Craftsman routing table with router for $79.99. An awesome deal, as I have been wanting a router for some time. To make things even sweeter I was able to pay for it with my Sears membership points, so all I paid out of pocket was 20$ for a three year replacement plan and taxes! Hopefully, after some practice, I will be able to mass produce a couple of my larger, more complex pieces, as well as try out some new ideas I have had for some time. Keep an eye out, as I may be posting some updates soon after the first of the year.