The Curse of the Romantic Beta.

It is my experience that women love for alpha guys to treat them poorly. This feeds their need for drama and excitement. For some ladies life is ALL drama and ALL excitement, and these types of ladies are screwed up. Think almost any celebrity woman who is around alpha male celebrities.

On the other end of the spectrum you have those ladies who just loooooooove romance. In case you didn’t know, the term “romance” is actually just code word for “men doing stuff for me”. The majority of women I know (and from reading and experience) have no clue how to BE romantic, they just want to be romanced! Manosphere knowledge says that women are incapable of being romantic, and that it is actually MEN that are the romantics, and this makes sense when you consider how often you hear ladies go on and on about how their husbands/boyfriends did “this” and “that” for them, yet you rarely, if ever, hear about how they did anything similar for their men.

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So What’s Wrong With Cavemen?

Ah, the proverbial caveman. He of little whit and much muscle, who’s solution to life’s problem was to simply bash something with a club or a rock.  Never wondering if he could achieve the greatness of becoming a lawyer, or how he was going to insure the dinosaur he rode to work every day, he just lived day in and day out, lifting heavy things, hunting for food so his family wouldn’t starve and probably having plenty of sex with his wife.

The stereotypical caveman has an number of prominent features, often including a large, sloping forehead, unkempt and matted hair on his head and hair on his chest that would even have made Robin Williams slink off in shame. Often speaking in grunts and crude words, we make fun of him as he tries to explain things to us “intelligent” peoples in often odd terms.

Most prominent about him, however, is his physique. A rugged life lived in a cave along with days full of lifting heavy things, hunting, gathering and fighting off things that want to kill him have made him a superior specimen of mankind. With very little in the way of machines to do his work for him (depending on which era your particular model comes from) the caveman was forced to lift, push and carry most everything on his own. All this manual labor has made the caveman a literal hulk of a man, which his wife happens to adore, along with several other cave-ladies, I’m sure.

So why the general hate of the caveman? Sure we are smarter than him, but he could kick the ass of most modern men with little effort, to be sure. Why is it when we exhibit opinions that aren’t of the “enlightened mainstream” men are referred to as “caveman” or “medieval”? I mean, don’t we “go medieval” on people when we plan on beating them relentlessly?

The Western world has a lack of cavemen in its midst and we suffer for it. Modern “girly-men” who wear skirts (not kilts) and pajama bottoms, who hate the idea of going into the outdoors and don’t have the first clue how to use the most basic of tools are anathema to the image of men everywhere, and science shows us that the testosterone level of modern Western men is in deep decline. It doesn’t matter what modern “enlightened” men tell you, testosterone (or just, T) makes a man a man! The more the better (to an extent of course, too much bodily production of anything can have negative effects).

Guys, want to run faster? Hit harder? Lift more? Be a caveman! The world around us has too many words what with talk shows, politicians, governments, news channels. Too much talk and not enough action!

Want to attract the ladies? Be a caveman! All the time if your dating, on and off if your married. The ladies LOVE the strong silent type! Don’t believe me? Just look at nearly every romance novel ever written! Who is the woman after? The silent spy who can hold his own against a group of enemy soldiers. The knight in dirty armor who doesn’t mince words, but can mince a bad guy with just a few swings of his mighty sword! The single-minded business man who is the terror of Wall Street because he knows what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it, and he never backs down.

And, our loveable caveman, who shows his affection for his cave-lady by picking her up over his shoulder, carrying her off into a cave and making her feel like a woman.

Caveman, you call me? Hey, thanks! I don’t feel like a caveman, but I’m working hard to get there.

FFXV: Cindy Cosplay

Since I have missed the past few Final Fantasy Friday’s enjoy these pictures of a Cindy cosplay by Misa Chiang. Well, if your a guy enjoy them, if your not, well….enjoy them anyway!

I never got into cosplay (costume-play) for shows and stuff like that, but man this makes me wish I had. They seem to have an interesting community (when done right by the right people).

Not Dating Your Wife Is Not ‘Sin’

Recently a commenter left a remark aimed at one of my own comments in which I stated that if I had a friend who was experiencing marital issues and had informed me that he was not spending time with his wife that the first thing I would recommend to him would be to take the initiative and do just that – spend time with his wife. This amazingly simple (sometimes) act can actually clear up a lot of problems, real or perceived, in a marriage relationship and really only takes a little effort on the part of a husband.

However, I would not in any way, shape or form, tell him that he was in sin by not spending time with or “dating” his wife. The concept of sinning against God for not spending time with your wife or taking her out on dates is a Christo-feminist scary story meant to control men into giving their wives control over their time and money. Nowhere in the bible does it say that lack of interaction with your wife is a sin and to say so is to add to the bible that which is not there.

Now, that is not to say that there isn’t WISDOM in spending time with and getting to know your wife. In fact the bible says it is beneficial to us husbands:

1 Peter 3:7

Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered.

Not only does it keep our prayers from being hindered but it also has the simple effect of making for a more mellow wife.

1 Peter 3:7 tells us to live with our wives “with understanding” and though some take that to mean sitting down and talking and getting to know our wives I would argue that it simply means that husbands should understand that their wives are WOMEN, and therefore NOT MEN. They get emotional and cry at silly things, they get angry sometimes over what appears to be nothing, they are (typically) weaker physically and mentally and thus require different tact than when you are dealing with your guy friends. Again I point out that there can be much wisdom in sitting down and spending time with your wife, but I don’t see where it could be accounted to sin, and that is the heart of this post.

Indeed if this were the case then the men of biblical times were hosed! Working in days not to long ago might require a man to be gone for long periods of time – years even! I will again point out the film In the Heart of the Sea in which the main character informs his wife, who is pregnant, that he wont be back for two years. Two. Years. Was he in sin? Were all men in sin who had to live such lives? The movie portrayed him as someone who had a good relationship with his wife (he was based on an actual, living person), was he required to do more to avoid condemnation?

King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, yet his sin was not that he didn’t know them or that he didn’t date them. I would have little to no doubt that he likely didn’t know many of their names except for when he was interested in spending time with them (if you catch my drift), yet his sin was that he let the women in his life turn him away from the one true God, not that he didn’t set aside time to spend with them to get to know them.

Nothing in scripture indicates that not getting to know your wife more intimately is a sin and men should not be burdened by it as such. This doesn’t mean to cast your wife aside and ignore her though. You got to know her well enough that you wanted to marry her and she wanted to marry you – there should be minimal excuses as to why you cannot spend SOME kind of time with her. Indeed if your marriage is having issues one of the first things you should look at inwardly is “Does my wife even feel like I care about her?”. This should be an intelligent assessment. If you already spend tons of time with your wife and she complains about wanting more, or if you find that you cant do ANYTHING alone and that she has to be involved in every aspect of your time then you can probably rule out “spend more time with her” or “get to know her” as an issue. If you find that you go a few days without even really saying anything beyond “hey” or “hi” or if you have to see if you can squeeze your wife into an empty spot on your schedule for the month then you may want to consider taking the steps to spend some quality time with her.

After all, a good relationship with your wife can be a great joy without being a great burden. I recently read a post on Reddit in which the poster outlined all the ways he invited his wife to participate in his adventures. By doing this he would not only get to spend time with her but he would be generating excitement and fun while maintaining his leadership in the relationship. If she didn’t want to participate then oh well, he would go do what he wanted to do, but the invitation was there. And it wasn’t all expensive trips and dates either, some of it was just goofy fun stuff like throwing a ton of glow sticks in the bathroom and inviting her to shower with the lights off. Nothing incredible, but something fun and memorable.

Be smart. You married her, make your wife a part of your life. Invite her along on your adventure, but don’t sweat if you go through periods of time when you can’t. Your marriage may go through some stress (welcome to marriage!), but you are not in sin.

The Good Captain

Once there was a seafaring captain (we will call him Bikke. +1 if you get the reference) who sailed from port aboard a mighty ship. Indeed one of the most beautiful in the fleet. Given a crew, he was instructed by the port master to sail the seas and return with all manner of treasures. His crew was made up of greenhorns and land-lubbers, but the captain, being a master of the sea, was also tasked with turning them into the greatest crew on the seven seas.

Unfortunately, however, the captain was partial to the rum, and he partook of it often. So much so that he would often sail around for days in circles or lock himself in his quarters while the crew was left to fend for themselves. Being the master of the sea he was, however, he still managed to teach his crew of greenhorns and land-lubbers a thing or two, but more often than not he would lead them in song or silly games. The crew thought him a fine captain, though. Though he expected them to stay in line he was never harsh, and though they learned how to sail and navigate the sea from time to time they enjoyed the captains fun antics. He held them to account, but never demanded more than that.

So it was that one day the captain was sitting in his quarters when he drifted into a deep, rum induced sleep, and dreamed. In his dream he and his crew, after many years at sea, returned to port. There, on the dock, stood the port master, expecting a ship full of all manner of treasures. The captain, standing on the deck, suddenly panicked! He was pulling into port, but knew that his ship contained nothing! So enamored had he been by the taste of rum that for seven years he sailed the seven seas, and had nothing to show for his travels. His crew, though now hearty men, were ill trained. The captain knew that were they to be placed on another vessel they would be ridiculed for having been at sea for so long, yet they would know nothing but the most basic skills. Stepping onto the dock, the captain swallowed hard as the port master approached.

“Hail, good captain!”, he said, “It is good to see you have returned from your journey! I expect you have many tales to tell, many treasures to share and a crew of hearty men, ready to take on the very kraken himself!”

Before he could answer the captain awoke. Swallowing hard, he came to the realization that he most certainly did not have any tales to tell the port master. He most certainly didn’t have treasures to share and he most certainly didn’t have a crew that could take on a kraken. Taking his rum bottle in hand, he walked out onto the deck and, while the crew watched on, he poured what remained into the sea. Vowing in his heart to never touch the stuff again, he found himself instantly sober, and he turned to his crew, barking orders.

The crew, through their surprise, jumped into action! Certainly this was their captain, but something was different about him! He seemed more sure of himself, and his eyes had a glare in them, like a great man of the sea.

Alas, by the end of the week, as the crew settled down for the night, they muttered amongst themselves. They had always loved their captain, and looked to him as a great man of the sea, but something had happened. He had changed. The crew, so used to the captain who joined them in song and taught them silly games, wasn’t sure they liked this new captain. He made them work harder this week than ever before! He barked orders and expected them to be done as soon as the last word left his mouth – certainly not like the old captain who, if he asked you to do anything at all, would often forget and not care. He started to teach them about The Laws of the Sea, and expected them not only to remember them, but to actually live them! It was difficult, and the crew missed the old, fun captain.

By the end of the month the crew was beside itself. The captain had held fast to his pledge never again to drink the rum, and, with a clear head, he had become a different man altogether. He would walk with a mighty stride across the deck of the ship. He expected each member of the crew to answer him with ‘Aye, captain!’ instead of a simple ‘ok’. He expected every member of the crew to be able to recite at least some of The Laws of the Sea from memory and daily he taught them lessons on how they, too, could become great men of the sea. Over the past few weeks the crew, under the command of their reformed captain, had acquired several fine treasures and battled some of the worst demons of the sea, but the captain, no longer under the influence of the rum, was a strong man. Singlehandedly he felled enemies, urging the crew to watch and learn until they too could jump into the fray. Despite all of this, however, the crew was at a loss. The captain had changed so much and so quickly it left them in a headspin. Finally they could take it no more and brought their complaints to him, asking him “Why? Why have you changed? The crew cannot take such changes so fast and accept them! What are we to do?”

The captain, an old seafaring man, replied: “I do this because it is my duty and my authority. I have an order from the port master, and for too long I was derelict and let my mission lay aside while I drank the rum, but no longer. We haven’t much longer on this journey, but I must gather what I have been told to gather, and I must train you, my crew, to carry on when I am gone, which I have not done until now. As for you, well, I am your captain, you are under my command. We are on this ship together, and we will be until we return home. Therefore, obey, that you will not be held to account for mutiny when we see the port master again! Do this, and together we will have a good and profitable journey. Disobey and the port master will have his way with you. I will be held to account for my years astray, but I tell you that now I have seen the error of my ways, and seek the right path. Be you with me, or be you against?”