So I’ve been slowly using Guilded more than Discord over the past few months, and I like it quite a bit more. Has a number of better features for free that Discord makes you pay for AND it’s apparently not run by SJW hacks.  Recently, however, I found out I am an idiot in that I kept generating INVITE links for Guilded and posting them here and then, when in reality my server has a permanent URL which people can use to hop in. I present that to you now.

Please join if you can, I post more updates and information there than I do here, but have also started making “blog posts” there as well.

Speaking of the blog: I have been working on a post detailing our travel from CA to FL, but it has been put on temporary hiatus due to the hurricane. My wife and I decided to evacuate up to our friends in North Carolina, though the town we live in, Sebastian, was not directly in the path. Heavy rain and winds were predicted, which are no friend to those living in an RV, and its good that we did because as of right now, 9/28/2022 at 6:01 PM EST the storm looks like it took an Easterly turn toward us. Though we would still not be directly in the path, it will still be a category 1 hurricane across the peninsula, and right next to where we would have been.