Well I haven’t had but a moment to sit at my computer since the wife and I hit the road, but so far we:

  • Arrived in Williams, AZ
  • Rode a train up to the Grand canyon
  • Walked 3 miles
  • Road the train back to Williams and got robbed by bandits.
  • Spent an extra day in Williams
  • Rode a downhill roller coaster and a downhill tube run
  • Drove to Denver City on our way to Midland and stopped at a hotel in the dead of night.
  • Met my cousin in Midland for breakfast
  • Headed toward Houston to meet with The Well-Red Mage
  • Stopped at Buc-ee’s in Temple, TX only for the truck to lose it’s ability to shift gears.

We are in Temple right now and the truck is fixed, but man am I tired. I’ll post real updates and pics when I can. Thank for any prayers out there! Still have half a country to cross!