Good lord…where do I even begin.

Dalrock did a great service to christians by documenting some of the wackiness coming out of The Gospel Coalition years ago, and its a good thing he did because it looks like it hasn’t ended.

Does anyone here remember the parts of the bible that encouraged christians to make sure people knew they were “worth something” rather than helping them to the conclusion that we are ALL sinful creatures that need Christ as our savior? Does anyone remember the disciples talking about how to bolster the peoples self-esteem, or where Paul fluffed the churches so they weren’t so down on themselves?

Neither do I.

I would stay away from TGC unless you want a severe headache and sore eyes from all the rolling they will be doing.

People do not need self-esteem, they need Christ.

When you realize what Christ suffered on your behalf so that YOU could become a child of God, an inheritor of The Kingdom – when you realize that The Father and Son love you so much, not simply “loved mankind”, but loved YOU! Specifically! Christ knew YOU when he hung on that cross. He knew YOU when YOUR sins were placed upon him so that the price could be paid! When you realize this, your view of yourself will change. You will know you are a sinner who needs a savior, but you will also know that there is a savior who loves you so much he was willing to die for you.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel pretty darn good.