As of yesterday, we have no house. That’s it, we have moved out. Eight years ago, we moved in with one extra kid, a friend of my daughters who was out on bad times. Now, eight years later, we move out with no kids, all of them having grown and moved out. Two married, one a Marine. Though we have no house we have a home so long as we have family, as I know any number of family members, immediate or removed, would put us up for a while. Right now, we will be staying with my sister and her family for a month until we leave on August 20th. We’ll make one last, fun trip to Vegas and that would be that! Any prayers would still be much appreciated, as we still need to get to Florida, quite possibly in a newer vehicle. Now, I’m not sure if I had mentioned it, but during the sales process the escrow company informed me that a prior mortgage adjustment left me with some kind of HUD loan of $20,000 which apparently must be paid when the house is sold, so, unfortunately, the wife and I are instantly out that money, no questions asked. Since we weren’t making a ton of money to begin with, well, that kind of leaves us not really in a bind, but definitely without as much money as we had hoped. I’m still certain we will make it out there and get set up just fine, but it has rattled the wife a little, so prayers are still very much needed!

Along the way out I’ve scheduled a stop in Midland, TX to visit my cousin and Houston to meet with The Well-Red Mage to drop off some PS2 controllers and have a bite to eat. Things are turning into and adventure!

Thanks to everyone who jumped into my Discord or Guilded servers! I’ll be making more frequent updates there, since setting up my laptop at my sisters is a chore and I will be working mostly from my phone.

See you all around!