Some of you may remember that I offer computer and networking support to a church I used to attend not far from my home. I left a number of years ago for a number of reasons, though my parents and some of my other family members continued to attend until they too left. Surprisingly enough my parents left the church when they started ordaining women as ministers and my mother said she didn’t feel comfortable with that. When she asked someone about it she got the brush off, and so after talking to my dad, they abandoned the church for another.

Yesterday I met with the guy who I have been helping out over his upcoming plans for some network upgrades and moving some things around when our conversation turned to the youth room, where the teenagers hang out. The ladies who head up the youth group want to move some TVs from one side of the room to the other and build a small stage to “teach the kids worship”. Now I’m not 100% certain how you “teach worship” since it’s just something you do. It’s not a class or an acquired skill, you simply worship. I think what they mean is “teach kids to play instruments in a band”, but if someone has some other input on this let me know. Anyhow I thought it odd that they would be “teaching worship” but then I remembered that the guy had mentioned the youth group was headed by three women and, suddenly, it made perfect sense!

Now I had this epiphany on my drive home from the church so I sent the guy (we will call him ‘G’) a text message and asked him if anyone was teaching any of the youth apologetics. His reply was interesting. He indicated that there is a small amount of apologetics being taught to the youth, and that they will hold a summer class for missionary purposes. He indicated that he was personally concerned about the lack of preparing the youth to face secular opposition in college and adulthood in general. This gave me a glimmer of hope, but then, this:

I do believe that the three women who are in charge of this whole area are more concerned and more capable than the leaders we had in the past. Two of the three women are actually licensed ministers in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, meaning they have gone through the same training that pastors go through to be ordained, so this is an improvement for us. Thank you for your gentle encouragement about it because it’s been on my heart too.

Well, sorry, G, but I’m afraid your concern is going to remain because its highly likely that nothing will be done by these three women, of whom two are ‘licensed ministers’. Read that last sentence again and let the absurdity of the phrase ‘licensed ministers’ set in. You see, worship is an emotional experience, and women excel at emotional experience! Apologetics is a confrontational experience, and women abhor confrontation unless they know they can win. That’s why they sneak around behind each other’s back and work with subterfuge and backstabbing, except where their men are concerned. That’s not to say that there aren’t some women out there who practice and are good at apologetics, but for the most part women do not engage in direct argument, and, at its core, modern apologetics is argumentative.

I feel bad for the church, and bad for G, because until they purge their church body of the heretical practice of making women teachers, leaders and ‘licensed ministers’ they likely will not grow. In fact, they will likely fail, with time.

That being said, Pastor B, the pastor of my previous church, who I confronted along with the head pastor about their assertion that “men cannot expect their women to be obedient if they don’t listen to their input on scripture” recently had a stroke. He’s younger than I am and unvaxxed, so it’s a weird occurrence. This is also combined with retirement of the head pastor and the church governing body refusing to allow him to take over has made for some interesting thoughts on my part. I cannot say for certain that it is biblical retribution, but I have said before that his continued improper teaching of scripture, one that puts men and women at odds and endangers marriages, would come back to bite him in the end.

If only people would just obey the word. Imagine what life for the church would be like.