My daughter recently told my wife about an issue she was having with her best friend. The lady is 28 years old, has a boyfriend of only a couple of months and has worked several different types of jobs in the past few years, from what I gather. Everything from nursing to retail.

Apparently, she also has some kind of real mental issues, and I say “apparently” because who knows now days. Women everywhere have what I call “glamour psychosis” in which they proclaim they have bi-polar disorder or depression or some kind of mental problems when in reality they do not. What they have are forced and intentional symptoms they use for online clout and sympathy. In this woman’s case I am under the impression that these symptoms are real, and you’ll see why.

The other night she called my daughter talking all kinds of gibberish and not making any sense while driving. My daughter sensed something was odd and told her to come over to her house. After a couple of hours of what should have been a short trip the lady was nowhere to be found. Eventually she called my daughter complaining that she could not find the house, despite being on the correct street. My daughter tried to guide her to the correct house only to find out that the lady WAS IN THE WRONG CITY and was about thirty or so minutes away on a similarly named street. After realizing her mistake (??) the friend made it over to my daughter’s house, but she was acting so manic and weird my daughter offered her a place to sleep for the night and she crashed there.

Now, my daughter did call the local police because she wasn’t sure what to do. Her friend was obviously in some kind of mental distress and not in her right mind, but all it took was an “I’m fine” from her friend and the police gave up. She called the lady’s boyfriend, but as I said they’ve only been dating for a couple of months and this will likely end their relationship, as it sounds like he wanted nothing to do with the situation or had no idea what to do. Finally, my daughter called the ladies mom who just so happens to live in another state along with the rest of the family, and so far as I know even the lady’s family members were not so keen on offering any help. My daughter pleaded with the lady’s mom to fly out here and deal with her daughter because no one else in this state has any legal standing to even try to help.

Through all of this I could only wonder if there were some kind of system in place that would have offered this poor lady, I dunno, some kind of life partner who’s job description includes taking care of her “in sickness and in health”. Some kind of system that would have not encouraged this lady to live a life of loneliness, trying to tackle life solo, but instead offered someone with whom they could weather the storms and provide comfort.

If only…