Just a quick update on what’s been going on around here, if anyone is interested.

  1. My house is currently sold. I ended up selling it to a service that buys homes, cash, no repairs, no modifications or updates, “we buy as is”. I’ll pocket around $100k, which is a nice little chunk for starting over in Florida. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, they were felt. I e-signed some documents on one day and found out a week later that I signed and submitted them the same day the service ceased all operations in California and laid off all of their CA representatives. If I had waited one more day the sale likely wouldn’t have gone through! Now I just need to finish packing and get out of the house by the end of July. I still won’t technically be leaving CA until the end of August/mid-September, so any additional prayers would be much appreciated! I still have to figure out whether or not I want to buy an RV here in California and take it back to FL or see if I can find a way to hold off on buying one until get to Florida, but the cost of moving all of our stuff across the country may be better spent on buying the thing and using it. PODS wanted around $10k to transport our things cross-country, and, thanks, but no thanks.
  2. My son finally got his orders and all that good stuff, so he is currently visiting us while he is on leave and headed toward his new destination. Fortunately, it’s still on the East coast so he technically doesn’t have to move things too far from where he was, and fortunately for him he doesn’t have much to begin with. He has a full 30 days off, half of which he will spend here and half he will spend…well, see here’s the thing…he has an old 1999 Dodge Ram truck he picked up for about $100 back a few years ago. It’s in decent enough condition. The guy he bought it from was kind of a guy I knew from work, and the truck had been sitting in the guy’s work yard for, I dunno, maybe ten or so years. It runs, and seems to have a pretty strong motor, but my son wants to drive it across the country, back to the East coast. Now, I’m sure it will be fine, but there’s a chance it might not be, especially with the current heat wave throughout the Midwestern states. I’ve been helping him repair a few things here and there, and he’s determined to get the thing back there, so, prayers for that too, please! If anyone is interested, I’ve started a GiveSendGo to see if we can’t get some of the more major things fixed. I’ll be pitching in some myself once the house sale goes through, but I don’t think it’s going to complete until after he leaves. (https://www.givesendgo.com/truck4jmoney)
  3. The wife is doing okay with all of this, though she goes between being excited over the move and freaking out, but not any kind of major freaking out, just getting nervous.
  4. The family celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday over the weekend. A sweet woman, my grandma has a green thumb that makes Jolly Green envious (how would you be able to tell, I mean, he’s already green?). I love my grandma. She’s been on her own since her husband, my grandpa, died in a freak accident shortly after I was born. Despite being a bit of a recluse, she came out of her room at my parents’ house and made the rounds, which must have been difficult for her if her telenovelas or if Walker Texas Ranger were on.

That’s about it for now. I’d type more, but I need to get some work done this morning and lately I’ve been feeling like everything is in a rush. Thanks again for the prayers.