So it’s been some time since I posted anything, but life has been very busy lately. I figure I’d go ahead and throw something up here so that people know I’m still alive and kicking. If you’re reading this post, thanks for checking in.

  1. So unfortunately my son has been dropped from the DI training program due to medical reasons. He may have gotten some hairline fractures in his shins, which is an automatic dismissal in itself, but he’s always had some knee and back troubles which have now, officially, disqualified him. He’s a bit bummed about it because he sees it as a failure on his part, but he’s not too broken up over it because life as a DI is not quite what he expected. From the day he started the program its been go-go-go, 20 hours a day. He’s lost a lot of weight because they don’t even have time to eat. Its mostly 12-16 hours of training and school + 2-4 hours of prep for the next day. Now he just waits for them to give him new orders, hopefully back to the armory, where he was happy working with his hands.
  2. Still living in CA, but I went through a service called Sundae that will sell your home on their own private market of investors and house-flippers who bid on it, with zero fees and asking for no home improvements or repairs on your part, just that the house is in fairly good condition and safe. The house went on the market a couple of weeks ago and bidding wrapped up last week. This week the agent I have been working with got a hold of me and let me know what offers were made, with the best offer allowing us to pocket $85k after paying off the house. Not as much as I had hoped for, but I can deny any of the offers with no penalty and Sundae will even help me sell it on the normal housing market through one of their agents, who are capped at a 2% fee if I want, or I can just choose to walk away and cut ties with them altogether. Honestly I may just take the deal and go. California will once again have Gavin Newsom as its governor and with 25+ gun regulations going on the books, reparations for “minority groups” paid from taxpayer funds and even less restriction on abortion I’m keen to get out before God rains fire from heaven on the whole damned place. I think I can move comfortably with that kind of money and have some left over in the bank, but I’ll talk it over with the wife, who, as I explained before, is on the mortgage, and I can do nothing unless we are in agreement. That being said, she seems keen on getting out of here quickly as well, so pray things go well.
  3. There’s a ton of stuff going on in the news right now that I would love to discuss but have little time to sit and type posts. I’ve been considering restarting my podcast, but you can always get my quick input on things by joining my Guilded server (see the link on the sidebar). I’m in there pretty often and post a number of things there in the Religion/Politics channel. Its a good way to contact me directly as well, but back to the news. Obviously there’s a lot going on with the abortion debate, gun control and a continued battle over illegal immigration. Honestly I find the entire discussion tiring because its so easily fixed if people would just get off their collective butts and do something about it. Imagine if all the so-called conservatives just pulled their kids out of public schools, then stood together when truant officers pay their eventual visits? Or if we just mass called places like Pizza Hut or Taco Bell and tied up the phone lines with complaints about their diving into sexually grooming kids? Americans are very lazy. The meme goes: “The founding fathers would have been stacking bodies by now”, and I think it’s true, whereas modern Americans can’t be bothered. A year or two ago it was “If they come for our kids then the gloves are off!”, but the gloves are still very much on, and most people are sitting on their hands to boot. I may discuss this more in a podcast, we’ll see.
  4. Expect another addition to the “My Life with Final Fantasy” series of posts as I go over the train wreck that is Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the end to the main story of Final Fantasy 14. I finished up both a few weeks ago but, as I said, life has been kind of crazy and I haven’t really felt like sitting and typing things up. I’m only doing so today because I am in the office alone after working at the coast for the first half of the week. I may also give my thoughts on the new trailer for Final Fantasy 16, which I hope will be much better than the last entry into the series, which had some major story issues. Still, news about the people involved in the development of FF16 gives me hope for the future.
  5. I’ve come across a number of good smokes lately stemming from my dive into the cigar world. Overall I’ve found that Drew Estates makes some of the best I’ve had so far, though I suppose from a purist standpoint “flavored” cigars are a bit of a no-no. A couple of my favorite have been this Mint Java, which was a divine mix of spicy and, of course, minty! I also had a Latte Java that was very good with a muted sweet, almost caramel flavor. From their Deadwood brand of ‘Sweet Bitches’ the Fat Bottom Betty and Sweet Jane smokes were lovely, both with their respective sweetness, but the Leather Rose Belicosa really is the belle of this ball. A drop dead gorgeous smoke full of vanilla and cherry. I’m really beginning to wish I had gotten into this a bit earlier in life, because I find it really is a relaxing pastime to sit back with a glass of bourbon or Rockstar while sipping and puffing away on the back patio. Now I do appreciate the other cigars I’ve had, for sure, but these ones are really head and shoulders above anything else I’ve had. In the near future I hope to try some Buffalo Trace cigars which should pair up nicely with an actual glass of Buffalo Trace.

So that’s all I’ve got for now. I will return shortly with some additional posts and inputs. In the meantime please visit my Guilded server and chat for a few or get more up to date posts on my goings on and thoughts. 

Later, all.