It’s 8:35 AM at the time of writing this and I’m certain that nearly everyone in the United States has heard the news that the US Supreme Court had a document leak indicating that the court will overturn the infamous, and illegal, Roe vs. Wade, which essentially says that women can murder their babies because “privacy”. What was once “safe and rare” has now devolved into “shout your abortion” and, here in the satanic state of California, PERI-natal abortion, in which they want to give women “the right” to murder their babies up to a week after birth. YES. AFTER birth. AFTER.

In the spirit of compromise and to avoid any future arguments and frustration I, a peace maker, have come to offer a truly feminist solution. One that cannot be stopped by law or court or christian or non-christian.

Ladies, remove your uterus. Tear it out and have them toss it in the trash.

There we go! Its a win/win situation! Unlike a fetus, which is NOT a female body part but an entirely new body, the uterus IS a female body part and the owner of said uterus is in 100% complete control of whether or not it sticks around! Since “people without a uterus”, ie: men, are now officially considered to be women simply because they say they are then “people with a uterus”, ie: women, should have absolutely NO QUALMS ABOUT HAVING THEIRS REMOVED! Having a uterus has, in the past, been synonymous with “being a woman” and as we all know that is nothing but a social construct! Don’t believe me? Just find the video of the school teacher teaching us all how, upon birth, doctors look at us and make a guess as to what gender we are!

And hey, there are a TON of benefits to having the procedure done!

  1. No christians or annoying pro-lifers complaining about you indiscriminately murdering babies, cause you can’t even get pregnant!
  2. Until someone starts to offer a “frequent abortions” card why go back over and over to kill each child in the womb when you can cut it down to one single procedure?
  3. Imagine the cost savings! One hysterectomy has to be cheaper than five, six, ten abortions, right?
  4. You can still be a hoe without worry! No more running out of birth control pills! No more wondering if your dick for the night didn’t wrap it! You can let the group of guys you just met run a train on you without hesitation!

C’mon, ladies! This is THE MOST FEMINIST THING YOU CAN DO AND THE BEST WAY TO STICK IT TO THE PATRIARCHY! What better way to tell men you are no longer under their thumb than to destroy what is arguably what they see as the most valuable and important piece of your body?


And in case you are wondering, YES, I am 100% serious! I am so serious that I will be actively pushing this procedure as the viable and healthy alternative to abortion! If women are so concerned about being saddled with a baby they do not want then the BEST thing they can do, for themselves, for their unborn children and for society, is to cut off the problem at the source, both figuratively and literally!

If you want to destroy a body, start with your own!