Just a quick “Random Stuff” update for the end of March.

  1. I’m thinking of starting my podcast up again, of which I’ve not recorded since the beginning of the koof over two years ago. I had about ten episodes under my belt before Microsoft deleted my Live account….and EVERYTHING in my OneDrive along with it. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world and I have something to say about it. Doesn’t mean anyone will listen, though.
  2. The plan for Florida, at the moment, is to sell pretty much everything that can be easily replaced, sell the house, put what we keep into a POD for delivery, then get to Florida, buy an RV and stay in it for about a year. In the meantime I will either look for work in the automation field I am already in OR just go get my license and start driving trucks. We have some friends who are looking to move down to Florida as well, and if so the husband and I may start team driving. I think this is a good idea since, with the way the world is right now, being able to be mobile might be a great advantage, and at the moment there has been a pretty strong need for more truckers, which pays good money.
  3. I’m at a loss how anyone can afford to be a cigar aficionado right now! As much as I have enjoyed the few smokes I’ve had in the past couple of months I’ve come to find that they are quite expensive. Doesn’t mean I don’t get the urge to try a few out, but I might have to stick to going to my local smoke shop to grab them as singles instead of as packs. They have a pretty big, room sized humidor with TONS of selection, I just don’t smoke as much as many as some people do. Maybe one or two a month, we’ll see.
  4. I’ve obtained the recent release of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which I will probably play and stream on my new Guilded server (link in the sidebar). I’m kind of hesitant, as its gotten middling reviews but also appears to be another prequel, attempting to tell (or retell) the story of the original Four Warriors of Light. To date I can think of no prequels or rehashes that have been successful or good. We shall see. Its been said to be a very “souls like” experience. I don’t know what that means because I’ve never played Souls type game. The use of “I Did it My Way” in the trailer is pretty weird, but they used “Stand by Me” for FF15 and look how that turned out! (ugh….)

That’s about it for now. Though I have more on my mind I’d like to save it for the podcast, mostly as motivation for me to actually go through with recording one. If I get it done I’ll let everyone know!