Some of you out there may not recognize the name, Johnny Bravo. No, no, its okay. I fail to grasp any reason as to WHY you would not be familiar with ma’ boy, Johnny, but I am a gracious host, and I can forgive much.

For some of you, however, the name Johnny Bravo brings up visions of a glorious time in Cartoon Network history. A time when other amazing names stood alongside Johnny. The Powerpuff Girls. Samurai Jack. Dexter. Space Ghost. Ah, yes, those were the halcyon days of animation, a time when new stories were being made, and new heroes were becoming legend.

Johnny is one of those heroes.

For the uninitiated, allow me to explain.

Johnny Bravo is a mans-man. He loves karate. He loves his mom. He loves his hair. But most of all, he loves THE LADIES.

Far from being strictly a children’s cartoon, Johnny Bravo was a delight for adults as well, with plenty of mildly spicy innuendo and enough silliness that a parent wouldn’t mind sitting and watching a couple of episodes with the kids.

Featuring our titular hero, Johnny, and plenty of pleasantly drawn ladies, this episodic cartoon followed the woman-hunting antics of its title character, often ending in his getting physically assaulted, but ALWAYS with his getting rejected, and this, my dear readers, is the point of my post.

I found this video a week or so ago and I found it interesting, although somewhat ignorant in its breakdown of the point of Johnny. Its not that long, so please watch it before continuing:

First I have to say something about the animation of JB: I absolutely love it. It definitely is a throwback to those earlier style of cartoons, just like the video points out, and the thick lines and color palette are a joy to someone who grew up on Scooby-doo, the Flintstones and plenty of other Hannah-Barbara cartoons.

The fact that the cartoon couldn’t have been made in the modern era is a moot point, because, well, pretty much anything made before the year 2000….maybe 2010, couldn’t be made today. Forget the fact that the characters creator looks to be Asian, the fact that the title character “mistreats women” or pursues them only because they look “purdy” is enough to raise the hackles and back hair of feminists everywhere, and would get the show cancelled ASAP, which is a shame because Johnny is a great and loveable guy!

The videos creator is right that Johnny is a narcissist and a bit of a loser, that’s part of his charm, but my issue lies with the commentary around the 6:07 mark:

The real message of the show is to make a constant fool of Johnny. The audience should learn from his mistakes and ultimately reject him like the women in his world.

This tells me that the videos creator is a bit ignorant of the facts of life and is likely a bit of a blue pill-er. The fact of the matter is that men like Johnny exist in the real world, and, though people SAY their actions should be rejected, women FLOCK to them like bees to a flower. Women LOVE men like Johnny. Strong. Good looking. Forward. Up for fun. They meet them at clubs, at parties, on vacations! Pretty much anywhere. Sure the story of the cartoon is that Johnny can never get a girl because that ruins the joke, but the real joke is that men know women fall for men like Johnny all the time!

Men absolutely SHOULD aspire to be someone like Johnny Bravo! He’s witty, even if he is a bit on the corny side. He’s bold, often taking aim a women who the cartoon tells you are above his pay grade, and they kind of are since he doesn’t come off as very bright. He’s kind hearted, but still kind of rascally. He stays strong and cares about his body!

The second running joke in the show is that the “intelligent, driven and goal-oriented” women Johnny pursues would NEVER go for a guy like him! Well, sure, maybe not as marriage material, but PLENTY of “intelligent, driven and goal-oriented” women in high, corporate or government positions would HAPPILY go for a FLING with a Johnny type man. As if a “glass ceiling shattering career” was ever evidence that women don’t love a young, strong, confident man pursuing them for a night of fun?! The list the narrator goes over at the 7:48 mark is yawn inducing. Why? Because scientist, doctor, computer programmer, sea captain or spy…THEY ARE ALL WOMEN!

The show was a commentary on how not to treat women.

Really? Maybe, but I’d be willing to bet that the women watching knew they would go for Johnny in a heartbeat, even if they said they wouldn’t, and the men knew they could get women if only they could be like him.

To further prove this out just take a look at the video starting at 8:09, with the episode titled, “The Sensitive Male”. The episode essentially worships blue pilled behavior as the “proper” way to get women’s attention while villainizing straight forward men who pursue women they find attractive. The narrator says the episode is “making fun of guys who act like Johnny”, but people the majority of humanity knows that these “proper” actions put you into the dreaded friend-zone! Everyone knows the jerks get the girls! The ladies love him and the nice guys scratch their heads trying to figure out why, the entire time refusing to face the truth: Ladies just love forward, jerky guys!

Of course, the caveat is that Johnny has the physique to back up his mild jerkiness, but money works just as well.

Mileage may vary, some women are really just harpies who hate men and are looking for slave labor in a relationship.

The truth of the matter is that men like Johnny don’t need to hunt women, all they have to do is show up at the right spot, and wait.