Its time for another ‘random stuff’ post wherein I post just random junk about how my day, week or month has been going.

New phone/First Soldier/New phone SOLD
Well, it was (not) fun while it lasted. Remember, just because its new tech doesn’t mean its better. As I reported in my last Random Stuff post I had started playing a new Final Fantasy battle royale style game in which you are pitted against 75 other players in hopes of being the last SOLDIER candidate standing. Available only on mobile I went ahead and ordered a Moto Z4 to replace my Z3, partly because I enjoyed the game and wanted to get a little bump in performance and partly because its getting harder and harder to find Z4’s new, so I did. What a mistake! The game performance was horrid, with me having to turn the graphical settings down to the bare minimum to make it playable. Now, I don’t care much for mobile gaming, but mobile is the only place to play FS and since its Final Fantasy related I was really enjoying it, but with this new phone the experience was ruined! I ran a mobile 3D benchmark program on both the Z3 and Z4 and the older Z3 blew the new phone out of the water! I can only assume its because the Moto Z line of phones, from the original Z to the Z3, came in two flavors, the Force and the Play. If I remember right the Play had a better graphics processor and ran a little higher in price. Well, my Z3 is a Play and, yeah, it outperformed tech that was 2-3 years newer! Also, view my player stats!

Finally Florida Bound?
Well, thanks to everyone out there who was praying for me because it appears my wife has finally seen the light. Earlier this week she told me that after some thinking and prayer she feels like moving to Florida is probably the best for us. Though I am grateful this is a double-edge sword. On the one hand I have been praying that she change her mind on this before I decide to just move, with or without her. My timetable was actually for the end of this month. If she didn’t change her mind I would lay down the ultimatum: I am moving. You are either going with me or you are not, but its YOUR decision, you have to live with it. In that regard I am very happy that she has changed her mind because I do, in fact, love and care for her and would like for her to go with me. On the other hand, however, I am still very bothered by the fact that she feels she has control over the situation while reminding me that she feels I do not. I mentioned in my previous post on the subject that when I informed her we needed to move she informed me that the decision was not ONLY mine to make, then proceeded to tell me SHE had decided we weren’t going to be moving, making her the ONLY one one with the power to make the decision. To me she still feels this way, as though her decision for us to move is the only driving decision.

Now, some might say, “Well you should have laid down the ultimatum right away and told her you are moving whether she likes it or not”, and to that I have to agree were it not for extenuating circumstances. You see years ago, like a dummy, I put my wife’s name on the deed to the house. It was back when we bought it and, at the time, I was a blue pilled schmuck and rather ignorant of many of the things I know now. Due to this fact she legally does have half say in what happens with it, and that includes selling it. Now, I was prepared to walk away from the house altogether if she didn’t get herself together by this months end, but, ideally, I’d like to walk away with the proceeds from the sale of the house. Its not like I couldn’t get a job out in FL and rebuild, but that idea was kind of a last resort. I would be a fool to walk away from $100k+ for selling, but when the chips were down, I would be willing, if it meant getting out of CA. My hope is to get the house sold, have cash in hand, then move more toward a bit more authoritarian of a stance in the marriage. If she wants to resist to the point of ending the marriage, which is a high possibility, then at least she would only make off with half of the proceeds from the house, while I could rebuild comfortably with my own half, seeing as how I actually have marketable job skills.

I hate thinking this way, I really do, because it feels underhanded, but I really don’t have any choice. Any large purchases we make regarding our new home in Florida will be made without me adding her name to anything: House, car, you name it, she will be off the paperwork, and this is by her own hand. Her choices have made this my choice. Its a damn shame. Things could be so nice if she would just stop acting like a spoiled child, but God is good, and I give Him the credit for her change of heart on the move, and I will continue to pray for a change of heart in her attitude, though I know I am going to have the be the spearhead for it. Its MY responsibility to teach and lead my wife, not God’s. Though He is there and assisting, I have been given the reins by virtue of being her husband, and the job is mine alone.

Image Postings
And now for some pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks, which I am posting after having promising Matt over at Simplify I would:

Just an old tree on a hill.


“Am I beautiful?”. I believe this is a Northern Bluebird, and he would not stop staring at himself in my mirror until I got too close for comfort.


The Cult of the Dead: These guys found a dead coyote and fed off of him for a week or so.


Dirty Peckers: Found a bunch of these guys trying to take down this power pole in Tehachapi, CA. There’s only three here, but there were up to eight or nine at one time while we were working.


Hills above Avila: Avila beach is an amazingly beautiful place just a hair North of Pismo. The weather was fine and the view was great from this water facility.


Hills over Los Alamos: About thirty minutes South of Santa Maria, the place is covered by ranches, vineyards and wineries. This is looking Southward from atop a particularly large hill.


Trees at Sunset: The sun was on the West side of this hill and the contrasting outline of the trees made me want to take a picture.


The Old Man: This tree stands in the middle of a field and it just seems like a gnarled old man that was begging for a black and white photo.


Classic RPGs and New Racers!
My Nintendo Switch may be the last console I ever own. I refuse to buy Microsoft or Sony consoles any longer, mostly due to their woke marketing, woke censorship of games and increasingly long download/update times. When you recommend to parents to open up the box, power up the unit, sign in and let it install updates BEFORE Christmas day so your kids can MAYBE play it ON the day they receive it you know you done funked up. That being said, even games you are required to download on the Switch typically don’t take more than a few minutes of updating, and you can still actually buy physical games which are playable without updates, even if updates are available. Buying Xbox or PS games from the local Walmart or Gamestop typically means getting a piece of paper inside the CD box with a code on it for, you guessed it, downloading the software.

Recently two games have been announced for the Switch that have me super excited! One is a new, up-to-date version of an older PS1 title while the other is a remaster of an older PS1 title:

Chocobo GP

A new version of an old game, Chocobo Racing on the PS1! I genuinely loved playing this back when it came out! The FF characters and elements were fun, even if the game was basically a Mario Kart reskin. This new one looks amazing and the Switch has far more power than people give it credit for, I think! Looking forward to online matches with my two boys. In fact, the Marine messaged me the other day, excited to see that a new Chocobo Racing was on its way. Apparently he has good memories of playing it too!

Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition

The confusing and quaint sequel to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross follows the adventures of a young boy named Serge who stumbles across another world, not too different from his own, and gets sucked into a grand adventure. This is one of my favorite games from the PS1 era and it has one of the greatest soundtracks to boot! Though I have it on my PC emulator it would be great to see a version with improved graphics and some of the storyline cleaned up, as, even if you have played Chrono Trigger many times, the story can be very, very confusing.

I may, at some point, play both of these live on stream.

From Discord to Guilded
I’ve shilled my Discord server a few times here on the blog, but I’d like to now shill my new Guilded server. Guilded is a community kind of like Discord but with a few key differences, mostly in how the channels are separated, organized and maintained, but there are a number of other differences as well. Probably the biggest one is that Guilded admins are not quite so woke as Discord admins, and there have been previous reports of Discord admins kicking people out of their own servers or banning them outright for thinking outside of the Matrix. I feel it would be a better home for my Snapper’s Domain chat and such, so I have included a link on the sidebar along with this one here. Because of how Guilded works you will be connected to the Religion/Politics channel directly, and can visit any other channel you want that is open for viewing. However, you won’t get notifications or pings from any channel you haven’t joined, so if you are not interested in gaming or crafting you won’t get notified when people post there, cutting down on traffic and nuisances. Please feel free to ask questions about Guilded in the comments here on this post, if you want info beforehand.

That being said, I will be doing some live game streaming there, some music streaming and maybe even some movie-watch-parties in the future, so if you just want to get to know the old guy known as Snapper or if you have some time to kill, come join in.


Well that’s all for today! Hope everyone else’s weekend goes well. Have fun, stay safe, and check back later for some posts I have in mind!