I want to invite people to visit my Discord channel (link on the sidebar) where I often post photos I have taken in the channel #photo-blog.

In addition I post updates on different things in many of the different channels which include:
#final-fantasy-related: Focus on FF related things
#gaming-chat: Used for chat during live streams
#religion-politics: Focus on religious and political subjects. Locked and requires permission to access
#videos-music-pics: Focus on various media that I want to stick around long term and not get lost in chat
#user-projects: A place for people to post their own hobby pics
#build-pics: I post completed woodworking project pics here
#build-updates: I post updates here while I am working on stuff

There’s a couple other channels for some different stuff, but if you want to see more day-to-day stuff from yours truly, hit up Discord. You can also chat with me directly there, but you do so at your own risk!