So my wife has always fussed about me being a nerd and being into gaming and reading and whatnot (I was into all that when she met me, so why it wasn’t a problem then is beyond me), so lately I’ve taken to some more adult entertainment:


Listening to Rush Limbaugh back in the day I always had a passing interest in cigars, only because he made them sound so good. He said they relaxed him and that smoking them was an enjoyable experience that let him unwind. I never really thought about it much. In fact, I can’t say I’ve known too many cigar smokers in my life. Plenty of cigarette smokers, sure. My grandpa, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law and several other family members, most of whom gave the habit up when their health got too bad, but no cigar smokers. Fast forward to a few years ago when my daughter was getting married. Her husbands family is from Mexico (and not legal, but that’s another story) and I figured, if my son-in-laws father wanted to celebrate with a cigar, which some more traditional people are want to do, I would want to participate, so I bought a cigar from a local convenience store, did some YouTubing and figured out the basics. There was no cigar smoking at my daughters wedding and, due to my stupidity and lack of attention, I lit and started smoking my practice cigar, only to step on it accidentally. It’s not as weird as it sounds, trust me.

Fast forward some more to my brothers 40th birthday! Not happy simply giving him some booze I decided to give him an “ATF birthday” and grabbed him a cigar, a box of 5.56 AND a bottle of booze. Along with it I grabbed both myself and my dad a cigar as well, but, as luck would have it, neither one of them was interested in smoking it!

More fast forwarding and my brother gave that cigar (still sealed in its packaging) to my uncle, who LOVES cigars. So much so that he got one of his sons-in-law hooked on them and the two spend copious amounts of time huffing and puffing. Well, they used to. They both decided to back off a little because apparently the hobby can get expensive.

Last fast forward, I promise, to this last New Years eve. Situations being what they were my wife and I were not together on New Years eve. She was hanging out at my daughters new house while I volunteered to go get our son from work (who works their people that late on NYE?), so I was home pretty much alone, since he crashed and went to bed as soon as he could. At around ten minutes to midnight I walked out onto the back porch, pulled out the cigar I had bought myself for my brothers birthday, lit it up, and puffed away until the new year rolled in. The air was chill, I had an energy drink with me and, at midnight, the fireworks and gunshots commenced. It was a pleasant experience. I accidentally inhaled a few times, which is not a smart idea or a happy accident, but overall I was very pleased with the smell, the taste and the action.

Lo and behold a few days later I got a pile of junk mail, the kind with all the coupons and advertisements in it, when I discovered, while flipping through it, an advertisement for Cigars, International. A “cigar sampler pack” of ten cigars for ten bucks! Well I had never smoked anything beyond the fancy sealed cigars at the local Chevron station so I decided to take the plunge and purchased what you see in the picture above. Ten cigars and a small travel humidor (since I doubt I will ever smoke more than ten cigars a year, and probably not even five). Though I did find the activity relaxing I’m not sure I want to dive too deep into it. Cruising around the CI website I found that, yes, the hobby can get expensive. VERY expensive, and I just don’t have the money to invest in boxes of cigars. I mean, you are almost literally burning your money, but a few times a year seems adequate. Now I haven’t been through any of the ten I received yet, but I’ll light one up here soon and give it a go. Who knows, the experience may change my mind and I may start a cigar fund!

Unfortunately I guess the habit is TOO adult for my wife because, naturally, she doesn’t appreciate it. Go figure! Between the bourbon and the cigars, how much more adult can you get, hobby wise?

Speaking of which…..


Okay, I might have to make a little splurge on a box of these and a large bottle of BT to go with it.