EDIT: Realized my Discord invite was invalid. Should be fixed now.

Okay, I don’t really do “social media”, as I gave up my Facebook account years ago and I avoid Twitter like the plague (Honestly I’d rather have the beer virus again than make a Twitter account), but I do have a couple of other platforms I use online and this post is to remind you people they exist and what their purpose is.  As always everyone is welcome to visit any of my other platforms provided you aren’t there just to troll (well, not entirely, at least).

Snapper’s Domain Discord Server : This is my personal Discord server and, even if you don’t care for Discord, it’s a pretty decent place where you can talk with me in real time as well as view various pieces of media like screen shots, pics I’ve taken, weapon builds and the like. Probably the easiest way to reach me if you want to talk.

SnapperTrx on Steam : I haven’t updated it in a while because I haven’t opened Steam in a cool minute, but this is my Steam profile page. Really mostly for gamers, I’ll try and update it soon. See screenshots and the like from my Steam library.

SnapperTrx on Minds : This is where I spend most of my time when it comes to social media. I prefer Minds because its a pretty open and uncensored platform. Yes there are naked people on there, but fortunately the platform gives you the option to not see those posts marked NSFW at all or at minimum blur images until you decide to open them. I find tons of really good content on Minds, ESPECIALLY when it comes to cool images. I found the Kamen America comic book on Minds and there are several higher profile internet people there as well, including NASA. Not only that, but you can earn tokens for your participation which you can use on platform to boost your own posts, tip people for their posts or even cash out (if you don’t mind the lengthy process of converting them to bitcoin and all that). You should take a look!

SnapperTrx on Bitchute : I don’t and won’t put videos on YouTube, but I recently started using my Bitchute account for more than just watching videos. Here you can find various videos of gaming and woodworking I have posted and I may even start to post a podcast or something similar here as well. Please take a moment to check it out!

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for checking in and here’s to looking forward to the new year.

God help us all. 😬