This morning I was listening to Glenn Beck on the way to the office and he played a clip of his interview with Andrew Yang. They were talking about UBI and Yang was talking about how he felt that AI and machines are going to end up putting a lot of people out of work, particularly in the phone service/call center and driving industries. One thing he said really, really stood out to me, and that was that the biggest roadblocks to this happening right now is simply legislation. This said a lot to me because what it told me is that the biggest thing holding back AI and machines from putting millions of humans out of work are politicians who sell themselves to the highest bidder. Future of humanity be damned! “Who cares if we can prevent millions of citizens from losing work and causing them untold amounts of mental stress and physical problems, at least I’ll get my big payout!”

Someone once asked, on Ruqqus, what jobs could be eliminated from society if people just stopped being dumb. The number one answer: Politicians.

The men of the West have handed over the reins of their own lives into the hands of men who see them as little more than votes and slaves. When will we wake up? How long will we continue to allow them to crush us? Do people understand the massive impact UBI and AI will have on all of humankind? Sure we CAN do these things, but just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

But we gave that choice to someone else to make.