You won’t find those words specifically typed out anywhere in public, but that’s the gist of how corporate America view the LGBT community. It boggles my mind how its members could possibly be anything less than offended that every year, during the month of June, like clockwork, Western corporations dust off the old rainbow and plaster it everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

Well, everywhere they can without losing sales. Observe:

Notice anything weird about this image? I guess in places where being gay or trans is still looked down upon, to the point of getting you killed, these big corporations have decided its better to be quiet about their support for the agenda, instead of “boldly standing up for equal representation”. After all, can’t hurt that bottom line over there where all the oil money is at!

Why don’t people understand that the whole “pride month” thing, along with “black history month” are nothing more than marketing ploys to get people to spend more money? Corporations LOVE made up holidays they can milk people over! Valentines day? Fake! Nothing more than a day they can use to harass men into buying expensive trinkets for their wives, and for raking in the dough over cheap cards for kids classrooms! Earth day? Awesome, another day they can MARKET! Buy our “green” products to save the planet and celebrate Earth day! To be fair, I get very irritated that local businesses hold Memorial Day Sales, as the holiday should have nothing to do with getting a couch for 80% off! The whole concept just reeks!

Corporations have ALWAYS latched onto the most popular ideologies of the day in order to sell product to the masses.


I don’t support the whole LGBT thing, but I do support people being made aware that they are being exploited. Pride month is a month long advertisement. Don’t fall for it.