Welcome to Promise month 2021, where we here at Snapper’s Domain like to point out that the rainbow does not represent pride, which is one of the seven deadly sins, but represents Promise. A promise that our loving God will never again destroy the inhabitants of earth by flooding it, even if we kind of think we deserve it.

I suggest you take the following image, print it out on a t-shirt, and wear it out in public, proclaiming to all who see it that God is good, and He wants people to become a part of His family, but that means turning away from sin. The sin of pride. The sin of being a homosexual, which God calls “an abomination” and, as a lifestyle, leads people to higher percentages of suicide, drug use, self abuse AND spousal/partner abuse.

Spread the word, fare and wide: God loves us, and He gave us a promise we can see!