It’s been a long time since I’ve read any comic books. I did buy some last year, or maybe the year before. Spider Man: Life Story was highly recommended as it follows the iconic web head through decades of his life, but despite being well written and well drawn its kind of depressing. I purchased a New Dick Tracy #1 but haven’t really even gotten around to reading it.

With the pandemic affecting a lot of people over the past year I decided, recently, to help out some of the comic book artists on Minds who were hawking their crowdfunded projects and the one that caught my eye the most was a comic book called Kamen America. You needn’t question WHY it caught my attention, just look at the protagonist:

The story follows one Charlotte Vanders, a girl who just wants to be a girl and sew clothes. After a USO show for the troops she is headed back to base when the car she is in gets struck by a radioactive meteor and she gains super powers! After a brief stint fighting giant monsters with some money-hungry media agents as “Warhen” (yes, like a chicken) she ends up leaving and, using her super powers and dazzling fashion sense, defends America on her own as, Kamen America!

Trust me, this comic book does not take itself too seriously and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the writing. Charlotte, who goes by Carly, is a little bit of a ditz and it doesn’t come across as annoying, but cute. Several of the other characters have some great lines as well and the entire first issue sets a tone of lighthearted fun with action, adventure and sexy ladies in tight outfits. All of the artwork is top notch, but a few of the panels were gorgeous and had me wishing I had some stickers or posters of just those panels. In one scene Carly, after becoming famous as Warhen, gives her scarf to a homeless lady who had just dug some clothing out of a dumpster to keep warm. The panel of Carly taking off her scarf just caught my eye as you really get the sense that Carly is fashion-model beautiful and yet caring about others. Beautiful!

I think the series, of which there are three issues, is available in a few different spots, but I got mine from Iconic Comics. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out! Also, the comic, so far, has been totally G rated and I would say is absolutely suitable for kids. Carly loves America and just wants to be a girly girl and its great. Not a bad word or inappropriate panel in the entire book.

If you want some light, fun reading or just want to help some people out who have been forced to go out on their own due to the events of the past year, give this a shot! I promise you won’t be disappointed.