I don’t care much for the “right to die” crowd. I mean, lets face it, people already have the right to take their own lives with as much dignity as they can muster, and those pushing for legislation  on “right to die” seem, to me, like little more than attention whores or people who know there is little to no dignity in taking your own life, but they can feel better about themselves if they get social approval if they decide to. I mean, if you feel that having a terminal illness has completely removed your worth and usefulness then that’s on you. I, however, am of the mind that one never knows where their words or actions may have impact, and ending your life prematurely can rob the world and those around you of something that may be important, but choosing to end your life doesn’t make you a hero.

So, no, I don’t support “right to die” legislation. I do, however, support what you might call a “spiritual right to die”.

The greatest gift God gave to mankind was true freedom. What do I mean by “true freedom”? Simply this: God loved mankind so much that he literally gave us the ability to turn away from him.

Imagine, if you will, that you are the subject of a great king in a great kingdom. This king boasts of affording his subjects the most freedom of any other nation in the world. However, if you tried to leave said kingdom you would be stopped at the gates and told that leaving was not possible. Even if everything else in the kingdom were perfect, all needs provided for, all crimes prevented, all sickness healed – would you say you had “true freedom”? Likely not! You find, suddenly, that your freedom has limits, and that you are, in reality, a prisoner in a perfect prison.

True freedom would include the ability to leave said kingdom for whatever reason you choose.

This is the freedom God has afforded mankind. From the beginning man has had the ability to choose between God and “not-God”. We are told the serpent tempted Eve to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but we are not told how long after the creation this event took place. Was it mere days, centuries, millennia? The interesting fact is that the choice was there for mankind to make. God could have removed the tree or just not placed it at all, in which case Adam and Eve would have been, you guessed it, prisoners of a perfect prison.

Many people, christian and non-christian alike, would ask, “Why does God allow bad things to happen”, and the reason is this: Because people have the freedom to choose to do bad things, but also the freedom to stop those doing bad things. Gods love is that we have freedom.

Every person has the freedom to choose God or not-God. Every person has the freedom to choose their spiritual “right to die”, knowing that the wages of sin is death and that choosing not-God leads to eternal death in hell. We are all born with the cancer of sin, but the cure is free if we only choose to take it. Some people choose not to, and that is on them.

Like a cancer patient offered life-saving drugs, who says, “I would rather live out my days with my faculties fully in place than live longer in a haze” there are those who say, “I would rather live out my days on Earth without the accountability to God than to restrict my life here to enter heaven”, and that is their choice. It grieves God that they would choose so and it should grieve us as christians in the same way, but the fact of the matter is that it is their choice, and the freedom to make that choice is, literally, their God given freedom.