I’ve been in contact with realtors from both the North Carolina and Florida locations we are looking toward moving to. All of your prayers are much appreciated. Now I just need to get in touch with a local realtor who can help us prep the house to go on the market. And on that note, my daughter and son-in-law are looking to move out and have been approved for a home loan. They will hopefully be out within the next couple of months or sooner. I love them, but they need to go. My home is not fit to house five people and four dogs, and I’ve been intentionally avoiding fixing or upgrading anything minor in the house until they leave. Once they are gone it will be a bit of a rush to repair the damage the dogs have done to the yard and the inside of the house.

Now in other news I have successfully copied and backed up my most important and valuable posts here on my WordPress blog and am in the process of duplicating the posts on my Minds page (Again, see the sidebar for a link). As the weeks go by I will repost them, starting with the earliest and going forward. It will be 3-4 per week so I don’t overwhelm the feed with stuff, but it will be done slowly and surely. Minds is an interesting and growing platform and I recommend it if you don’t mind seeing the occasional naked person in your feed. They recently made some changes to the way some posts are re-posted (or, reMinded, as they call it) and some stuff marked NSFW sometimes shows up even if you have your filter on. What’s nice is that the platform lets you earn Tokens which can be used to boost a post, reward to others or even converted into Bitcoin if you are so incline. It runs on Ethereum. I’ll admit I’m not too up to date on blockchain and bitcoin, but its more than I have ever eared from WP. The platform still needs work, but its turning out to be pretty cool. Look me up if you happen to join, and I think you can even mention my name and get me some kind of credit, though I’m not sure. Ask me and Ill look it up!

Again thanks for the prayers. Hopefully I won’t be long for this state, since the governor seems hell bent on making sure it sinks into the sea.