Please watch the following video, or at least as much as you can:

There are some who will watch this and think, “Why? Why are grown men and women tearing up and getting so excited over a fictional character from a movie several decades old?” Allow me to explain:

Luke Skywalker IS Star Wars. Hands down. No questions asked.

For a great many of us, people my age in their mid forties to even younger people like my kids, who are in their early twenties, Star Wars is an American myth. Like King Arthur or Perseus, Luke Skywalker was a hero, a legend told about a farm boy thrust into a battle against an oppressive Empire in a world where thieves, princesses, dark knights and evil wizards were real, just not in the fantasy sense we were all used to. Against all odds this boy picked up his fathers sword and set out across galaxies to fight against evil, only to find that the evil was his own blood all along. In the end, he would prevail against darkness, bringing balance to The Force and peace to the galaxy, if even for a time, for evil never sleeps.

The original Star Wars films, though not perfect, struck a perfect chord with generations of fans.

Then came the prequel films, who’s very existence shifted the story from a farm boy versus an empire to a redemption arc for his father. These films did more damage to Darth Vader than anything else, turning him from a fallen Jedi knight into an angsty, whining, lovesick chump. Even in this, though, Luke remained the true hero of the series.

Then came the sequel films, which took a huge, steaming dump on the legend of Luke Skywalker, reducing him to a hero who once championed everything good into a tired, bitter old man, angry at himself for his mistakes and, rather than learning from them and adapting, decided instead to become a hermit and cut himself off from everyone he loved and everything he fought for, brought out of retirement at the prodding of the grand daughter of the evil lord he once slew, who was better than him in every way with zero effort.

Fans hated this Luke, and rightfully so. Mark Hamill himself hated this Luke, and rightfully so!

But that all changed with The Mandalorian.

You might ask yourself why grown men and women are seen weeping at the sight of a fictional character on a TV show.

What you are seeing are men and women who have returned, momentarily, to their childhood, experiencing the joy and happiness of finding out the hero they once thought dead, whom they saw disgraced and dumped upon, return. And not only return, but return in the manner they had always imagined him, but had never seen. Calm. Collected. Confident. The most competent and bad ass warrior in the galaxy, just as they had imagined.

Luke Skywalker IS Star Wars.
You can have your side stories.
You can have your Madalorians.
You can have your Han Solos and Princess Leias.
You can have your Prequels and Sequels.

I doubt this will save the train wreck that is Disney Star Wars. A lot has to happen to recover the good will of the many fans who have been told they are losers, whiners, racists, women-haters and “not wanted”, but this is a step in the right direction.

I’ll admit, though I certainly didn’t tear up, my brain tingled with excitement as I realized what was happening. And, for a few minutes, at least, I was a kid again, watching in awe as a legendary hero I had grown up with made a triumphant return. As excited at Star Wars as I had been in many, many years.

Isn’t that the point.