I have a friend, a pretty famous friend, you’ve probably heard of him before. Apparently my friend has a pretty bad infection in one of his limbs and is confused on what the best course of action is to treat the issue.

On the one had he has a number of doctors telling him that the best thing to do is to keep the infected body part but work to keep the infection separate from the healthy parts of his body. At face value it seems like the easiest option, I mean, it requires very little work and the least amount of pain. Unfortunately, as history has shown, the infection likely won’t stay separated from the rest of the body and, with enough time, it will seep into the body parts that currently are healthy, and the process will have to be done all over again until, eventually, the infection cannot be stopped, and the body becomes overwhelmed and dies.

On the other hand a number of doctors are telling him to remove the infected body part, which is the only way to ensure the infection doesn’t spread. Its the most difficult option because it will require a bit of surgery and will hurt the most, but history has shown that its not only the best way to deal with infections like this, but its also a great deterrent to getting future infections. In fact, he’s already had to have one surgery that required the removal of an infection and it was pretty effective. Afterward he was at his healthiest and was a great athlete for many years. Even then, however, he failed to get regular checkups to catch the early signs of disease, which has lead to his current situation.

I think the time is coming for my friend to make a decision. He’s known about this infection for many, many years, but has never had the courage to do anything more than complain about it and take some medications to stave it off temporarily. In the past few years it has gotten pretty bad, though, and the infection has become more and more aggressive. If only he had been wise and had it treated early or gotten regular checkups then he wouldn’t be looking at something as drastic as voluntarily amputating a limb, but you can’t stop an infection like this by just pushing it into its own space. It just keeps growing and growing until it takes over. The only way to deal with it is to bite the bullet and amputate.

Does he have the courage to do what must be done, or is it too late for him? The time is coming for him to decide.