Okay, so, first off I like Chris Pratt as an actor mainly because he was super funny in Parks and Rec and Guardians of the Galaxy (1 and 2) are probably my favorite Marvel movies. (Yes, I enjoyed the Marvel movies. I’m a geek and they were good films for what they were)

That being said, I don’t know much about him other than he says he is a christian. A model christian? I wouldn’t call him that, necessarily. After all, he did divorce his wife of eight years over “irreconcilable differences”, which makes ALL christians look bad, since we are supposed to be against divorce. Some people might say, “Well he’s in movies where he uses bad language”, to which I say, “Grow up”. I am thoroughly convinced that that God will hold you more to account for your calling someone an “Idiot” with hatred in your heart than someone greeting a friend with “You son of a bitch” in jest.

So at some time over the past week it looks like most of the stars of the Marvel film universe held a fund raiser for Joe Biden. A fund raiser Chris Pratt did not attend. Now, he did not say WHY he didn’t attend, and despite his claiming to be a christian he has not said he is pro Trump. In fact there are a whole slew of self proclaimed christians out there who are very much AGAINST president Trump, but whether or not Pratt is one of them, well, nobody knows! This hasn’t stopped the Twitter mob from attacking him for perceived support of Trump, as in, perceived in Twitters own mind with absolutely no fact or confirmation.

This has caused something very odd to happen. Odd and unique.

You see, the very movie stars Pratt has starred with in Marvel films, the same stars who dump hatred on the president, the same stars who would likely be more than happy letting any christian Trump supporter know exactly what’s on their mind, has come out to DEFEND Chris Pratt AND his christianity. Unfortunately for them their brave stance has caused the oft seen and oft ridiculed reaction from liberals in that Twitter has turned against them in some of the most vile displays of hatred and racism seen in recent history.

Zoe Saldana, a black actress, who starred in Guardians alongside Pratt is being raked over the coals and called all kinds of horrible names simply for standing up for him as a good guy.

James Gunn, director, whom I personally think outed himself as a pedophile, was guarded and protected by the liberal left when word came out about his sexual proclivities, is being threatened with death for simply stating that Pratt is a christian who has said nothing about his political leanings.

Mark Ruffalo, who played the Hulk, and who, personally, I figure would be the absolute last person on the planet to stand up for a christian, given his insane rantings about all manner of things over the past year or so, is told to “shut the f*ck up” for saying Pratt is “as solid a man there is”, and asking people to stop “…casting aspersions, look at how he lives his life”.

Lastly co-star Robert Downey, Jr., ol’ Iron Man himself, says Pratt is a “…real christian who lives by principle, has never demonstrated anything but positivity and gratitude…”.

This interaction between liberal Hollywood and liberal “fandom” (of which these people likely are not) tells me two things:

  1. America is coming to a breaking point. Much of the Twitter mobs response was for Pratt to pick a side and for the other movie stars to pick the RIGHT side. Standing up for someone who hasn’t come out an pinned liberal beliefs on their sleeve for street cred (looking at you, Dwayne Johnson) MUST mean you are on their side and are against the liberal hivemind. This interaction is just another example of why I firmly believe America is headed toward an event that will separate the two factions of Patriots and America-haters, leaving one in power, and one in the ground.
  2. Chris Pratt is either a weak christian who lives a life of “being nice” but has given up his core beliefs making him a friend to everyone, along with the devil, or he really is a stand up christian and someone we should aspire to be like. Again, if any of these other people, his co-stars, were to have an interaction with us, as christians, it would likely devolve into a shouting match. Why? Because they don’t know us and, likely, many of us would try and shove our christianity down their throats. There is a time for being preachy, but scripture does no good when recited to those for whom it has no meaning. By living a life as dependable, good natured and loyal man he may have done more to delivery a testimony on the gospel than most christians. Ruffalo’s tweet indicates that he has shared a lot of inner struggles with Pratt. Could Pratt be delivering the message of Christ to him? Its possible, but the familiarity with Pratts good nature and kindness may be the reason why Ruffalo doesn’t seem at all put off with his christianity, while at the same time having beliefs that are almost the complete opposite.

I remember years ago when I lived in Oklahoma I worked at an AOL call center. Not the greatest job, but it was work. The people there were your typical foul mouthed teenagers and older folk, and it kind of bothered them that I didn’t curse. Not that I mind cursing when its appropriate, but dropping f-bombs every other word and all that seems to low brow to me. To me it makes people look uneducated, as though you only have a handful of four letter words by which you know how to convey how you feel. The fact that I didn’t curse, however, was a bit of an oddity to them and though some of them swore they would get me to curse one way or another, others thought it was kind of cool. They didn’t really know any people who just didn’t curse, and it made them feel comfortable around me.

Now being a call center there was very little time to sit and talk with my coworkers so I’m afraid I didn’t get an opportunity to share much of the gospel, but I think this Pratt incident is a good learning moment for christians. Live peaceably with all men. Be a good worker and someone who has a good attitude. LIVE your christianity through your actions and attitude rather than barking out scripture every time someone says something. Either way people will know your a christian, but in one instance people will want to sidle up to you because they enjoy your company, while in the other people will try to avoid you because you are too much of an oddity and speak in gibberish they cannot understand.

In the past few years I have turned from trying to preach the bible at people to conversing with people and allowing them to question me about my beliefs and actions. I can tell a gay person that they are a sinner and running afoul of the flames of hell, or I can be a friend to them, still standing on the fact that I am a christian and don’t approve of that lifestyle, but allowing myself to be available when, at some point, they begin to question how they live or some of the decisions they have made, and allow myself to share the gospel with them when they are willing to listen and consider.

Anyway, its just a thought I had while watching The Quartering and Doomcock cover this story. What do you think?

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