Let me once again begin this post by saying that, overall, I support the police. At this point in time I consider them a necessary evil, kind of like politicians. Are politicians a good thing? No, not really, but someone has to organize your city, county and state, and the natural proclivity of humankind to organize means that if you destroyed the government today a new one would rise up within years. The same goes for law enforcement and this is the main reason why the whole “defund the police” movement is moronic. Get rid of the police and a new form of law enforcement will take its place over time, which may not be as organized as the current system, or adhere to the same rules and laws. To all of these people calling for the abolition of the police: It may look good to you on paper until you realize that under new LE, all crimes carry the death penalty.

So, overall, I support a well formed and accountable law enforcement agency.

Where I run into issues, personally, is a law enforcement agency that is corrupt enough that its agents, without a care, ignore constitutional law and just do what their bosses tell them. Maybe its inevitable. I mean, people have houses. People have cars. People have families. Those people need jobs, and if your job is in LE then its probably in your best interest not to rock the boat. If one of your peers is doing something unconstitutional, you might think its a good idea not to say anything. If your superiors instruct you to do something unconstitutional, you may just roll with it to keep your job and, in some cases, maybe keep your head. Anywho, eventually we end up with this:


These agitators gathered around this mans home because they heard he was “a racist” and had a Trump sign and a confederate flag on his property. Police said that he had earlier “threatened to physically harm his neighbor while wielding a chainsaw”. Did that have anything to do with racism? Did he threaten someone WITH a chainsaw or simply made threats while he was doing some work with the tool?

Either way, agitators took it upon themselves to teach this man a lesson so they gathered in front of his home, played loud music, danced around, shined flashlights into his windows and yelled at him via megaphone. The man took it upon himself to make a display of his shotgun, while still in his home. This, to me, was a smart move because it let people know he was armed, and that if they were going to stand around and protest, they had best keep it on the street.

Someone in the crowd called the police.

Who came, and promptly arrested the man.

For having a shotgun.

In his own home.

With a real threat of possible violence, directed at him, in the street outside.

This man has every constitutional right to be in his home, and even on his property, with a means to defend himself from harm. Yet, here we have the police, not telling the protestors to break it up, or warning them that, if they cross onto the mans yard the are trespassing and run the risk of getting shot, but instead violating a mans rights and arresting him because that’s just what they have been told to do.

How do I know that? Because during the entirety of this plandemic/protest party we’ve seen time and time again that LE has been told to stand down and allow rioters and agitators to, well, riot and agitate. Protesting is one thing, but the moment a fist flies, the moment a brick is thrown, its no longer a protest.

These agitators have a history of getting violent.

And the police have a history of letting them, and arresting anyone who tries to stop them.

We saw it in New Mexico when police arrested a man for shooting someone when a group of agitators attacked him. The target tried to bash the mans head in with a skateboard. He was arrested, as were all the members of a local militia who actually kept order and took defensive positions both around the man and the downed agitator to keep them safe.

We saw it in Kenosha where Kyle Rittenhouse shot three agitators, all who tried to assault him. Two of them are dead, while the one living one, who had a good chunk of his arm blown off, is a felon who tried to shoot Kyle with a handgun, which he wasn’t supposed to have BECAUSE HE’S A FELON. Kyle turned himself in while the agitator is still walking free, yet to be charged under the anti-gun laws the government has passed to prevent criminals like him from owning a gun.

And now this, among the other examples I’m sure I could post.

Police need to make a decision as to which side they are on. One side hates them and wants to see them dead (as evidenced by the targeted shooting of two police officers in Lost Angeles last week and the luring and killing of several officers throughout the United States), but they have been told to let them continue committing crimes. The other side offers support, but will turn against them if police keep stomping on their right to defend themselves, their businesses and their homes.

Police will find themselves hated by both sides, and that’s a very bad spot to be in. Because when things finally come to a boil, and they very likely will, neither side will want to align with LE or worse, both sides will see them as the enemy.

Stop shooting yourselves in the foot, guys. If you make it so that you are part of the problem and not part of the solution, desperate people will just see you as another roadblock to their freedom. And eventually those roadblocks will need to be removed. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot.

I don’t want violence against police, but I am going to be a realist here and say that police are setting them up in a very bad way, and they are either going to have to face their superiors and call them out, walk away and leave their superiors hanging out to dry, or face the American people in a stand off.

I know which one I WOULDN’T want to choose.