So I’ve never heard of this chick until now, but apparently this Tomi Lahren is (or was) someone of note in Conservative circles. She’s “not a feminist”, but she holds some pretty interesting views on men, her own value and what women should demand from men for the mere honor of being graced by their presence. So sure is she of her worth, and the worth of ladies everywhere, that she recently unleashed upon the internet a moronic diatribe filled with a mixture of vitriolic hatred toward men (whether she would admit it or not) and megalomaniacal arrogance that one wonders if she has anyone in her entourage who could have watched just the first two minutes of the video and mustered up enough intelligent thought to tell her “you don’t want to post this”. I don’t know if she recorded the video while drunk, on her time of the month or, more than likely, both at the same time.

So bad is this take on men and women and herself that I MUST preface it with what is arguably one of the best written and funniest and applicable insults in modern history:

I highly recommend coming back to and watching this insult again after watching the video in question.

In order to help you along I suggest you pull up your favorite hard liquor and pour/drink yourself a shot for every minute that passes. In all honesty this may be the only way you CAN make it through said video:

I highly recommend, if you can find it, an alternate source to watch this so as not to give this raging harpy any additional views on her channel.

I’m not going to do a minute by minute breakdown like many have done. If you are looking for that I recommend T Popps video at Redonkulas. He does an excellent breakdown and shakedown of this bleach blonde bimbo’s cry for help (which is what this is):

What I’d like to add to this conversation is my own two cents for the ladies who happen to run across my blog or visit often. Some of you out there are smarter than this (you know who you are), but perhaps you know of some ladies who will mention this video or quote this video or, God forbid, try to take some kind of advice from this video. Heaven help them.

This lady claims to be a conservative and “not a feminist”. I have pointed out before that a lot of conservative christian women, despite knowing scripture and going to church every Sunday, are still in love with the idol of “women’s empowerment”. Why? Because its how they’ve been raised! Conservatives love to laugh at liberals for virtue signaling, but conservatives have a set of virtue signals all of their own, the most sacred likely being “empowering women” to do whatever a man can do! So powerful is this virtue signal that it has even proliferated throughout the church! Bible carrying, church going women plaster their Facebook feeds with scripture on Sunday and then posts about how much they esteem themselves for the rest of the week!

My fear is, like many other “conservative christian women” with self-centered and biblical opposing views, this woman will encourage others to follow her path toward destruction. Both married and unmarried, women go through bouts of frustration and depression and become vulnerable to making poor decisions. Junk like this just reinforces them to take bad steps. Don’t believe me? Just look at the divorce rate amongst christian families. I can assure you that the “know what your worth” movement amongst christian women has A LOT to do with christian women initiating divorces when divorce is NOT PERMITTED for christians. Instead of a message of honoring God and your vows and sticking to your marriage, despite the fact that society will let you get a legal divorce (which doesn’t do anything except in the eyes of worldly law), christian and conservative women are fed messages that they need to understand their worth and not take anything less than! There’s no push for loyalty to anyone except self!

I also fear that conservative christian women, both young and old, will get the wrong impression as to what men want out of a wife by listening to this loon crow on and on. Rarely, RARELY does a man want a woman who has a list of achievements like “college degree”, “went on a missions trip” and “makes six figures”. I would venture to say t hat 99% of men DO NOT CARE about a woman’s achievements. Can you cook? Do you like having sex? Will you raise babies and keep a clean house? The majority of men want THOSE things long before they concern themselves with worldly junk that. Unfortunately conservatives an christians LOVE to push young girls into forsaking God’s calling for women to pursue things that rarely fulfill them in the end. Instead of seeking out God’s design and become the wife of a man and the mother of children young women are pressed to put all that off for a decade or more, creating problems with their ability to find a husband later in life, after their beauty and fertility has dried up, and feeding the problem of pornography addiction in christian men, who can’t find a young woman to marry when their sex drive is at its peak. Young women would be better to get online at 18 and spend days on end watching videos of Julia Child and Riley Reid (Don’t punch her name into your search bar, just take my word that where Julia Child has the cooking part covered, Riley Reid has the sex part covered. Learn to do both with as much gusto as both of these women show, respectively.), it would serve them better in the end!

I understand conservative and christian can be mutually exclusive, but the two are still often tied closely together.

Ladies, do yourself a favor. Do not listen to women like this. They are liars and snake oil salesmen. I do not know if Ms. Lahren is a christian, but I can certainly say that, by her fruit, I would judge that she is not. A christian woman does her best to glorify God, not herself, but by glorifying God she will shine! Just look at the women of the bible who were obedient to God, even through times of trouble or uncertainty, and who are now lifted up through the scripture as women of renown! Sarah did nothing more than obey her husband and Peter held her up as a hero of faith, saying that those who emulate her are likened to her daughters! I assure you that the same faith in God and obedience toward your husband will make you far more well known and for a far longer time than satisfying your own self-worth will ever do.

What this woman is teaching others is exactly what you want to do to AVOID a relationship, much less a marriage. Going into marriage with this kind of mindset is a recipe for disaster and I can almost assuredly say that her true desire is to latch onto a man long enough to extract his resources before bailing out. No woman, who wants a lasting, loving relationship, would ever let this acidic garbage pass her lips. DO NOT BE LIKE HER. SHUN HER. TELL OTHERS TO SHUN HER. POINT THEM INSTEAD TOWARD THE WORD OF GOD AND THE WOMEN THEREIN.

In a thousand years, if God wills humanity to still be here, the name of Sarah will still be spoken and revered as a pillar of faith and a daughter of God.

No one will remember Tomi Lahren, not even her childrens childrends children.

Assuming she can find a man dumb enough to put a ring on her finger.