I had written a very long, multi-paragraph post about the current “celebration” over 100 years of women’s suffrage, but it started getting far too long winded. I don’t need paragraph after paragraph to say what needs to be said about the event.

It stinks.

Women’s suffrage is the self made bomb that squarely put a gaping hole into the hull of the massive ship known as the United States, and for the past 100 years both the Republicans and Democrats have been doing their best to patch the hole while at the same time using it to their advantage while convincing the public that the hole is a good thing. If you have ever stopped to wonder why the West is so deep down the socialist rabbit hole you need not look any further than suffrage.

Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said (paraphrasing): “Those who would give up essential liberty for a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”. Women, by design, give up liberty for safety because they must. Their liberty used to be given up to a husband in exchange for safety, provision and a family, but the state has now become the de facto stand in for husbands. Understand this: Women are not free, they are now simply wards of the government instead of wives to men who love them.

The only right women have attained since the success of suffrage is the right to feast on the spoils the government takes from others under threat of bodily harm.

Suffrage wasn’t a win for women’s rights, it was a shift from the loving hand of husbands to the heavy chain of government.

Women think they got freedom. All they got was slavery.

And they will take the West down with them to uphold the illusion.