I had intended on making a full video of me converting my HP4095 over to the HTA Bullpup, but there are already several on YouTube and since 99% of the process is the same I decided against it. The other 1% was just me applying some anti-lock to the set screws on some of my accessories that I had to use some Loctite on. Aside from that, it really was super easy, since, if you look at some of my previous posts, you will see that once a couple of pins are pulled from the original carbine along with a couple of tabs flipped the entire action of the gun, barrel and all, pops right out. Within minutes its popped right into the HTA stock and you end up with something like this:


I threw my Firefield red dot back on there because the Pinty scope was just too big. Its the one I picked up off of ebay that has a 16x rifle scope, red dot AND laser on it, and its hugemongous. The Firefield works well and looks nice. I also put the angled foregrip on there along with the muzzle brake, which I had originally planned on replacing with another one made for use with the HTA stock, but I think I like this look. My flashlight is on top for now, but the set of three slots directly underneath it are M-Lok slots, so I bought a piece of purple aluminum picatinny rail to lock onto them, and Ill move the flashlight down. In addition I need to buy a couple of quick disconnect sling mounts (Also in purple. What? I like the color combination.) which I will add ASAP.

Now, this configuration is not CA legal and Ill make a couple of adjustments to keep it legal. Not that I really care, but its a simple matter to keep it within restrictions to avoid any trouble (and a simple matter to remove those parts if need be). I plan on replacing the hand guard with a custom aluminum one that extends past the bottom of the grip, where I will weld on a grip fin that will prevent safe use of the pistol grip. Yeah, that’s right. To keep this CA legal I have to make my gun MORE dangerous to handle because I have to decrease my ability to control it.

Overall I LOVE the shift in the look and feel of the thing. Compared to the original rifle configuration, which is the configuration my wife’s rifle is still in, the weight distribution is by far the best benefit of the conversion. Weighing in at about 7 lbs. the original stock causes the gun to be front heavy. Not a big deal for plinking off a few rounds, but if you are going to be spending half a day doing target shooting you will certainly feel it by the time you’re done. Now, yes, most rifle configurations are “front heavy” simply by virtue of rifle design, but you’d be surprised at how much quicker you get tired holding a 7 lb. gun in front of you over a 5 lb. gun. This conversion gives the carbine much nicer control and centers the bulk of the weight.

Ill report back after I actually put some rounds down range, but for now it feels like I’ve invested in a huge upgrade. Yeah, I know, the HTA stock runs about as much as the rifle itself, but for $500 I end up with a rugged bullpup carbine, and that’s probably cheaper than a lot of AR’s chambered in pistol calibers.