So I finally decided to go ahead and buy the bullpup conversion for my Hi Point 4095 from High Tower Armory. I had watched enough videos about guys gushing over how much it changed the dynamics of the firearm I placed an order last Friday morning and received it this Thursday morning. Pretty fast, considering.

Oh yeah. Space gun! (This is just the stock, there is no gun inside.)

Now its just a matter of recording a little video of the before, going through with the conversion, and then recording a little video of the after and giving my thoughts. Well, there’s a little more to it than that, I guess. From the factory it is too short to be legal in the state of CA, which has a minimum length requirement of thirty inches for all rifles. This falls short by about three inches. I was going to buy a pre-made butt extension for it but then I thought, “Wait a minute. I do woodworking, I can make my own extension.”, so I am. It will be either walnut or purple heart, and all it really needs to do is extend the overall length and be comfortable on my shoulder.

I also need to find a solution for the “pistil style grip”, which is not legal on rifles that have removeable magazines (which this one has). I think the grip fin from my current HP setup will fit, but Ill need to check. If not then I’ll have to come up with another custom solution.

Keep an eye out for more info!