As I, and many other bloggers, have been saying for years: Western christianity is a pale and feminized version of the gospel with a pale and feminized version of Christ. It elevates women and emotions to the place given to men by the scripture, the light-bearers and image of God, and this concept has taken front and center stage in the play that is current events.

First we have this joker who has made the location at which George F died into some kind of holy place, singing worship songs and reportedly baptizing people.

This moron is Sean Feucht of Bethel Music fame and before we just brush him off as a nobody let’s remember that Bethel Music is actually a fairly well known name in christian churches and this guys actions will not go un-noticed, but they will likely go unchallenged. The only complaint I have seen against this guy so far is that he is horning in on a tragedy people are using to promote themselves to use the tragedy to promote himself.

Secondly we have the CEO of once-loved-by-christians fast food joint, Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy, calling for white christians to “repent of racism” and to empathize with the suffering of black Americans. He also, reportedly, said we should be washing their feet or shining their shoes, who knows.

I am not a racist. I hate everyone who is an asshole equally. If you don’t give me a reason to dislike you I will either ignore you or, if I have to interact with you, I will treat you kindly and respectfully until you give me reason to do otherwise. I have nothing to repent of. Of course, I’m not white, so maybe that’s the key.

What a shameful thing the church has become and is becoming where we allow members of the body to act in this manner and yet refuse to admonish them for it and, in fact, welcome them back into the body with open arms, sans repentance or change. A little leaven leaven the whole lump, and believe me, the lump, it be leavened.

I haven’t been to a church in many years, and this isn’t encouraging me to change that. I do not avoid other christians or avoid the body, but I do avoid the unholy businesses that paint themselves white, hang crosses and flowers on the wall, serve bad coffee and call themselves churches. I have a feeling some of these so called houses of worship will be some of the hottest fires when judgement comes. God will not be mocked.