Forget the police, politicians are the ones who need real reform. This morning I am looking at pictures and video of people, both men and women, black, white, Asian, of different faiths, standing, armed and ready to defend their lives and property. At the same time I am hearing lawyers and others talk about “the legality” of said people even standing in public wielding their firearms.

I have a feeling that if and when all this dies down there’s going to be a lot of states turning red, as people realize how crippled they are by their masters, the politicians. Not that conservatives are much better than liberals, but it is a provable fact that more conservative politicians would be more sympathetic to a citizenry who feels its time to use their god given right to bear arms over a liberal one.

I think its time to start considering we stop electing career politicians and start putting normal Joe’s into political places. People who know what its like to be the average guy and are sympathetic to the plight of the average guy. Not someone born in an ivory tower who looks down on citizens like pigs awaiting slaughter, or like ATM machines from whom they can extract funds whenever they want by collecting taxes from the business end of a gun.

However, I am SO glad that the state of CA gives me permission to use deadly force to defend myself and my family provided the enemy is at my door and already inches away from killing us. How nice of them to give the subjects some scraps of hope. This means I only have about an 80% chance of being arrested and prosecuted for murder if I have use my firearm to defend myself.

Thanks. For nothing.