Recently a judge here in the prison state of California ruled that the states background check requirement for the purchase of ammunition, and the states ban on having ammunition delivered directly to a purchasers door, were unconstitutional, and that the requirement could no longer be enforced. No sooner did he issue his ruling then the state asked for an stay on the ruling. The judge denied them the stay so instead the state ran to a higher court and, on a Friday night, the Ninth Circus Joke Court issued an emergency stay, allowing the state to continue requiring that ammunition purchased online be delivered to a registered FFL dealer AND that purchasers go through a background check and let the state know they are purchasing ammunition each time a purchase is made.

Along with this I now hear that the state is seeking to add to their list of regulated firearms guns that are not listed as rifles, pistols or shotguns. These guns are listed as type “other”, and they don’t fall under the draconian requirements of the state when it comes to “assault features”. To date there is ONE company that produces TWO firearms that are registered in the state of CA as “other”, and, naturally, the state doesn’t like that one bit.

Along with this the state is also seeking to regulate the purchase and registration of unfinished firearm parts, IE: unfinished rifle lowers that you can purchase and then must mill out yourself in order to use them to build a complete firearm. These unfinished parts are not serialized because they are not considered firearms and thus the completed product becomes the dreaded and feared “ghost gun”, a gun the state does not know exists! As you can imagine, this makes the state very afraid “for the children” because, as we know, every gun out there has the potential to become sentient and go on killing spree’s of their own volition.

I hate this state, and I am going to do my best to move away from here as soon as the WuFlu is over and things start to return to some semblance of normality.

My post, however, is really focused on this:

The people of the United States cannot rely on the system to give them their second amendment rights back.

Now lets get this out of the way first, and I feel like I am the only person pushing this perspective on the issue, but only because I haven’t seen anyone else point this out:

States like California are not punishing you for breaking the law, they are punishing you for exercising your right to bear arms.

The second amendment to the constitution is not a complex statement. It can be easily understood with a single reading by anyone with a nominal understanding of the English language. That it has to be interpreted over and over is only so that people can introduce exceptions and stipulations that are not present. “Shall not be infringed” is a direct and simple statement. And with other documents and statements by the founding fathers supporting the peoples God given right to bear arms, of any type, there is absolute no valid excuse for any law restricting the right.

The state says “You broke the law by owning a firearm we don’t approve of, and now you will suffer.”

What they really mean is:

“You ignored our unconstitutional and unjust restriction on your right, and that makes us mad.”

The truth of the matter is that U.S. citizens DO NOT NEED A JUDGE OR A RULING TO “GIVE US OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS BACK”. They were never taken from us! We STILL have the right to bear arms. It is we, the citizens, that have allowed ourselves to be told our right can be restricted.

Now, I understand. No man can stand against the government. No man can say, “I will not comply” and do a darn thing about it except get arrested, go to prison or, worse, get murdered by men who are there to enforce unjust law. The people must stand up in unison and tell those who trample the constitution that THE PEOPLE will no longer comply. This is where our founding fathers and the men of that time succeeded. Even though it was only a small percentage of the men in the colonies who stood up against their oppressors that was all it took to win freedom.

When will free men stand up and say “NO MORE”? When do the people get to stand before the capital building and read their own executive order that they will no longer comply with unjust and unconstitutional bans on their guaranteed right to defend themselves FROM A TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT?

I’m just going to assume that California is lost. Once the wild West it is now the weenie West. Gone are the cowboys of old, the settlers, the miners and the thrill seekers, eager to be free and to live an adventure. Instead they have been replaced by soy drinking quasi-males who are only interested in their latte’s, their iphones and bashing capitalism and everything that made the U.S. and California great.

For a long time I told myself I wasnt’ going to leave this place. That leaving was only a sign of defeat. Well, it is. I, a single man, cannot combat the massive stupidity and laziness that has overtaken the West coast. The recent battle with WuFlu, which has seen our illustrious and numbskulled governor locking down the state for months because of an emergency, yet still having the time to pursue additional restrictions on firearms, has shown me the truth of the situation: You can paint a shit state gold, but its still shit.

I will join the many other citizens of this sinking ship and get out before it goes completely under. As we leave all that will be left are welfare recipients, illegal aliens, the homeless and the uber rich, high in their ivory towers, separated from the rabble by high walls. Oh, and armed guards.

All across this great nation we see the most important piece of the constitution being taken. When the right to bear arms is sufficiently restricted every other right will be taken away from the American people. Unfortunately we are too comfortable to rattle our rifles and yell catch phrases and buzz words, which we will all be yelling straight to the gulags, which recently, Bernie Sanders supporters have shown us are still all the rage.

When will you wake up, Americans? When will the fire be lit in your hearts? When faced with thousands upon thousands of citizens, unwilling to go along with their program, the overlords will crawl back into their holes and wait for the next opportunity, seeing that this one has been taken from them. They will not be defeated, but they will be thwarted for a time.

You might think I’m crazy. You might call me a conspiracy theorist or a gun nut, but I caution you: That’s all they need. One more day today, one more day tomorrow, one more day, until there are no more days left and the wolf is upon you.