I’ve been fairly quiet about the WuFlu and I haven’t posted much at all during this time of shutdown, though I have wanted to. Unfortunately personal issues at home have left me feeling drained beyond comprehension and I’ve not been up to doing much of anything, not even gaming. I may have logged in to FFXIV less than a handful of times in the past couple of months. This, however, is not the reason for my post.

During these frustrating times I have maintained that, personally, I believe the current plague we are dealing with is real. We see the evidence in people getting sick and dying, and I have thought it wise that we take precautions against infection, with those most at risk being the ones who must be even more cautious. I have been against shutting down businesses and against “stimulus packages”, though I was for tax cuts and, for this year at least, tax abandonment, though I understand that for some this would have been an even smaller fix than receiving a government check.

However, even this is not the main focus of this post, so allow me to get to the point:


For weeks this phrase has been spoken and promoted by news outlets, politicians and government official alike. We hear it all over and are being told that there is no avoiding it. Like Thanos, it is “inevitable”.

As I said, I know the virus is real and not a hoax, but I also know the panic caused by said virus IS a hoax. Its been generated and ginned up by political types who would never, ever let a good crisis go to waste.

In my opinion the powers that be, the evil powers that want control, saw an opportunity to push their agenda and, unfortunately for them, fired both barrels early, resulting in a failure. If the plague had panned out as originally foretold and bodies were stacked in the streets their plan might have worked. What plan? Domination. Control. To put the people under a heavy yoke disguised as safety. We see it playing out even now in smaller parts of the country. In states like Michigan where the governor, a moronic and psychotic bitch, hasn’t gotten the notice from her fellow goose steppers that the attempt failed and that continued pushing to crush peoples freedoms and liberties will have an opposite effect and cause them to rise up.

You see the original goal was to force the sheep into their pens, and the plague was the perfect motivator to get people to do that, even the wolves out there. People want to keep their families safe, so a shelter in place order seems to make sense in a true pandemic. A virus is an enemy you can’t see or attack, instead you have to leave that to the scientists and doctors. Joe Redneck might know a lot about his AR-15 but when it comes to biology he hasn’t a clue. Get some braniac on the TV to spout some scientific mumbo-jumbo and Joe Redneck will throw up his hands and do whats recommended.

That all failed, however, and the plague didn’t do what they had thought it would.

Instead it petered out, or IS petering out, and most people are not afraid of it. At least not afraid enough to lock themselves indoors and give up their freedom. Now people are getting cabin fever and noticing a few things. The forced lock down that has left their families in fear, disrupted their finances and shuttered their businesses seem like they were not needed. The swelled heads of law enforcement, mayors and governors in some areas have caused them to show their true colors as agencies that would happily strip American citizens of their constitutionally protected rights if the order came down the pipe, all in the name of “just doing their job”. The news media, oh god, the news media has shown itself to be a full on sham and a joke. Anyone who trusts mainstream news after this deserves to follow the rest of the lemmings off of a cliff and into the sea.

Their trick has failed, so the goal post has moved. The new goal? The New Normal!

What does “The New Normal” mean? It means new, stricter government control under the guise of protection, but really promoted through means of fear.

I hear people on the radio talking about how “the handshake may never be a thing ever again”. I hear our illustrious CA governor talking about how the state won’t “go back to normal until we have a vaccine”.

The world has had pandemics, TRUE pandemics, before, and we have gone back to normal every time.

Don’t fall for this code-speak. There is no “new normal” unless we, the people, fall for the trick. It wont be a “new normal” unless we allow fear to overwhelm us and we leave it to government to fix it for us. The government does not fix things, the government has very, very rarely made situations better.

Go BACK TO NORMAL, because “The New Normal” is code-speak for your compliance.