A lovely song and one they use for the channel ID on the Sirius XM 40s Junction! I can’t even begin to imagine the splendor of riding on a train back in the day. My wife and mother in law took a train from OK to CA years ago and it was a nightmare from start to finish. It actually took them a week to get home.

If you don’t have a subscription do yourself a favor and, until May 15th the Sirius XM streaming service will be free due to the “shelter at home” orders being enforced throughout the country. Do yourself a favor and have a listen! If you’re not a fan of the 40s they have some great channels with music from decades past (40s – 00’s) as well as some themed channels, news, etc. Through these channels I have found tons of great songs and artists I had no clue existed.

Sirius XM radio, online.