So after two months of fussing with CA requirements I got my rifle, a Hi Point 4095 .40 caliber carbine. I added a couple of things I had purchased over the past month: An angled foregrip (from eBay, 10$), a red dot sight (a gift from my dad, from Turners Outdoorsman), a magazine clip + 2 magazines (directly from HP) and a larger, more ergonomic charging handle (from Down Range Products). I’m actually waiting on an aluminum to Picatinny rail and a very nice looking muzzle brake/barrel shroud which should be here by the weekend (Also from Down Range Products).

For those who might be wondering, the rifle has a CA compliant paddle that goes on the grip, which I had removed temporarily just to test the difference in holding it with and without the paddle. As suspected, the paddle actually makes using the gun more dangerous for the user because it places your thumb right into the ejection port, so you are either going to get bit as the spent case ejects or get a burned thumb as the hot gasses escape. Thanks CA! Unfortunately I will have to put the paddle back on to stay legal.

I partially blame myself for the amount of time it took to get this process completed. When I reviewed the web site for getting ones Real ID my brain locked in on social security card when I could have (and did) ended up just taking in a W-2. However, when I first went to the DMV to apply for my Real ID the guy behind the counter just told me I needed to fix my social security card and failed to offer any of the other available validation methods. Take note that he was not aware I was buying a firearm, so I don’t think he did it maliciously, just, well…its the DMV, we don’t expect much actual help from them, do we.

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I will offer a report on the guns functionality. As I have probably stated before, the YouTube reviews I have watched on the Hi Point carbines have been universally good, with the exception that everyone says they are butt-ugly. I dunno, I like it, personally. Kind of sci-fi right out of the box. A little on the heavy side compared to my dad and brothers AR’s, but, nice. I only ended up spending about $320 on the actual rifle itself, but ended up paying about $400 overall for the fees, background check and testing (which I shouldn’t have to go through again).

Supposedly some people are revisiting a lawsuit against the state of CA next month, arguing that the features of AR’s, banned in California (ie: pistol grip, collapsible stock, REGULAR capacity magazines) are common features of all AR rifles and therefore it is unconstitutional for the state to ban them. Technically its unconstitutional for the state to ban ANYTHING pertaining to ARMS (which include pistols, rifles, knives, swords, clubs, grenades or missiles), but, hey, baby steps I guess, until we get someone up in here who actually respects the constitution.

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