Aside from trying to keep to a podcast/clipcast schedule not a ton has been going on in the ol’ TRX household beyond some general messiness.

  1. The wife finally started getting chatty, naturally, when she needed something. I’ve practically given up explaining to her that she is being ungodly, disobedient and disrespectful after these episodes, as every time I have explained in the past it just goes completely over her head. I often get told that I am not God, as if that somehow permits a christian wife to be disobedient and disregard her husband. Imagine if you were a manager at the local Walmart and your employee’s started ignoring you and telling you “Well you’re not Sam Walton!” when you told them to do something. However, I digress. Things are calmer now and we are dealing with some other medical related issues. In this I ask for your prayer, as its rather unexpected and will likely be very expensive to deal with.
  2. My garage, that inner sanctum of mine, is even more full of junk now than before. When my in-laws stayed with us, which they will be doing on and off, a bunch of my sons things got moved into the garage. These are things he wants to keep but cannot take with him on base, obviously, as he lives in the barracks and has almost zero room. His things, combined with my daughters things, combined with an old entertainment center that got moved out of the house, combined with a NEW hutch the wife bought and the two OLD display cabinets she is getting rid of has left me with zero room to actually do anything in the garage. The cold weather has prevented me from doing anything in the driveway, as, believe me, the last thing you want while dealing with spinning blades on power tools is not to be able to control anything because of cold hands/fingers. My plan is to talk to both my son and daughter about organizing and/or purchasing a storage unit for them to put their things in to.
  3. Its been two weeks and I still don’t have my rifle. Though I’ve wanted one of these Hipoint carbines for some time the recent issue in the Middle East really prompted me to buy one now. Unfortunately the government in CA doesn’t give a piss about my (or any of its citizens) constitutional rights and I am stuck waiting for updated identification. Here, two weeks later, I’m still looking at a minimum of three weeks before I can pick the gun up, assuming I get my first ID requirement today, which I applied for two weeks ago. Stupid. In the meantime, here’s a picture of someone who custom painted the bullpup stock mod for the Hipoint (in red), which I think looks incredibly cool.
    Annotation 2020-01-12 151314
  4. I built a bow a few weeks ago using a pair of old ski’s and some red oak, but I have not been able to test fire it due to the fact that I haven’t purchased a bow string and I have no room in my garage to do any more work on it. I plan on working on it further as soon as I can get the space, or as things get a bit warmer outside.IMG_20191222_193948221
  5. I purchased a super glue/accelerator combo from the Woodcraft store in Ventura. This stuff is super cool in that, combined with the accelerant, the super glue bonds INSTANTLY, like, as soon as the two touch. It has a number of really interesting uses in woodworking, which I found on YouTube. Aside from simply instantly bonding two pieces of wood together you can use the super glue (called CA glue) in combination with standard wood glue to hold pieces together as the wood glue dries instead of nails or screws. This allows you to continue working on a piece as the wood glue dries and forms a more permanent bond. I’ve also seen guys apply painters tape to two pieces of material, then use the CA glue/accellerant on the tape to instantly bond the two pieces together. This allows you to do shaping on the two pieces without bonding them together. When you’re done you just pull up the tape! Its really amazing!
  6. I bought some great edge joining clamps from Woodcraft as well! These clamps make edge joining boards easier because they work to put pressure on the boards both from the sides and the top/bottom, to keep everything straight. Usually I have to clamp the sides then clamp boards across the entire work piece to keep the top and bottom as flush as possible, otherwise I have to do a bunch of sanding or use a plane to smooth out creases. Its a pain in the butt and requires a ton of clamps. This will hopefully eliminate the need for that, though I think I might need a couple more of these. We’ll see. I don’t normally clamp a board full length, but just clamp up side pieces where I need them for sword builds.
  7. I bought a new plane and a pull saw from Harbor Freight. The saw is no big deal, I don’t mind buying those kinds of things from HF. The plane, on the other hand, will require some work to get it up to snuff, at least according to the guy on YouTube. Planes are very useful for smoothing out boards that end up edge joined with seams that don’t exactly match up, but also for smoothing out boards that aren’t flat. The pull saw I bought to experiment with, since I’ve seen some people do some really neat things with them as far as joinery goes. Mostly dovetails, but I’ve seen some Japanese masters on YouTube make incredibly complex joinery using nothing but a pull saw.
  8. I also bought some great hearing protection from Walmart. Its a set of 3M bluetooth enabled earmuffs and they are awesome! They make a huge difference when using the table saw, yet I still can listen to some tunes and take calls while I have them on. I try to avoid listening to podcasts while using the power tools, since the conversation tends to draw my attention away from what I’m doing, which is not good.
    Annotation 2020-01-23 124402
  9. Which reminds me: I was able to purchase a table saw with all of my Christmas gift cards, which is fantastic! I actually went to the Home Depot and found a 10″ Ryobi table saw for $199, but then I saw the slightly larger work site saw, typically $260, was on sale for $210, so I went with that one! Right away I pulled down my old French cleat panel from the garage wall and started on some newer ones. They got full quick, but in the end I will have more of them and they will be better built than the old horizontal one. These ones are vertical and will give me far more options.IMG_20191227_200933_01IMG_20200101_154655195
  10. My family enjoys Nerf wars and since moving back into CA and after Xmas my father in law has been itching to dive into an all out battle. Now, instead of being in the house this will obviously have to take place in the local park or something, or, at minimum, in the front yard, as we just have too many people. Well while I was perusing Walmart a few months back I found some really cool looking inflatable dart war gear that resembles military crates, concrete blocks and even oil drums! Fill them with air then fill the base with water to keep them in place, then enjoy! Now we haven’t taken them out for any fun yet, since its been pretty cold and no one wants to play Nerf in the cold, but on the next sunny weekend we will probably take them out for some action.51-9j8pa3al
  11. I’m so in love with Bioshock I bought a set of pins with the symbols of all the Vigors from Bioshock Infinite on them. Vigors are special abilities you gain by drinking, well, from Vigor bottles. They have a set of full sized Vigor bottle replicas, but they were running about $4500 online, and I don’t have that kind of scratch! The pins come in a box marked, “Fink, Mfg.”, which is who makes/sells the items in the game.IMG_20200108_172920896
  12. I picked up some comic books, probably the first set I’ve actually WANTED to buy in decades. Spider Man: Life Story came highly recommended. It follows ol’ web head through the decades, starting in the 60’s and on through 90’s, as Peter Parker gets older. From what I understand its a more serious series dealing heavily with Peter’s personal issues with aging and those around him passing away. Its only four issues long, and I might do a mini-review afterward.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say for being close to the end of January. I’ll try and do another monthly update toward the end of next month, and hope to get another podcast out soon. Thanks.

(Featured image is taken from the South side of the valley where I’ve been doing work.)