When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything except the oldies station on the radio, or christian music we had on tap/CD/record. On occasion, though, I would tune into the local rock station in the evening and listen to a few songs. During this short time there were a few songs I would hear that would totally blow my mind. Since this was well before the advent of the internet I often didn’t know the names of the songs or the artists singing them, and I wouldn’t know for years and years, until I was old enough that I would listen to almost nothing but the rock stations. Some of those songs included:

Metallica, One.
Eric Clapton, Crossroads.


I am sad to see the passing of Neil Peart, incredible drummer for the band, Rush.

Tom Sawyer is an amazing song, and the short, but brutal drum solo always left my head reeling. Along with guitarist, Alex Lifeson and bassist, Geddy Lee, the trio created some of the most memorable and incredible rock music of the last century. Despite my adoration for Tom Sawyer I really didn’t know who Rush was until high school with the much anticipated release of the song, Ghost of a Chance, from their Roll the Bones album. I remember riding the bus to school and hearing, for a couple of weeks, the DJ talking about the upcoming release from the band, who had been on hiatus for some time, I guess. The song got plenty of air time and the hauntingly (pun not intended) tune was instantly memorable to my mind.

And so we bid another one of the godfathers of rock adieu. So long, Neil. Thanks for all the awesome music, the driving beats, the awesome solos.

And some of the largest drum kits I have ever seen. No doubt he used every one, and it shows.



If Working Man doesn’t get your blood pumping, check your pulse, because you are probably dead.