Ladies, want to give your husband a little treat? A little something to show him you care and want to have fun with him? Why not consider a little hypnosis to add some spice inside and outside of the bedroom.

I’ve tried some hypnosis in the past, mostly for relaxation and sleep, but I’ve run across several different web sites that offer “erotic hypnosis”, ranging from simple things like  “experience better orgasms” to “become a sex doll for an hour”. Most of them seem harmless enough and there’s a wide selection to choose from. Recently I fell upon this site looking for some information and it appears most of the selections are free, so why not give it a shot. Start with something simple like relaxation or sleep and move into something more…interesting. Most hypnosis sites have a set of “training sessions” that prep you for accepting suggestions from the person creating them.

The images on the page are suggestive but safe for work. Many of these I would not use myself, but some of them are very interesting. Two of them that immediately caught my eye and may interest even non-erotic readers are:

Blank Screen: Forget all the details about a movie you have previously seen and watch it again “for the first time”.

Forget a Book: Forget a book you have previously read and read it again “for the first time”.

Do these work? Who knows, but I think I am going to personally give these ones a try and find out for myself! When I find time to sit through enough sessions for it to kick in I will let everyone know and then report the results.

The main point of this post, however, is to offer you married ladies a little something fun and extra to play around with and surprise your husbands with. Give it a shot, and if you are feeling brave enough, post your experience here! It doesn’t have to be anything graphic, maybe just explain how many sessions it took for you to get acclimated to your selection and how well it worked. You don’t even have to say WHAT you selected. Did your husband enjoy it with you?

Have fun. Have sex. Have a great marriage.